December 31, 2018




Elder Lopez

YAHOO!!! It was so good to talk to you!

HELLO my beatiful mother!!

SO honestly dont have much time today... i know you hate that but MAN you guys had a fun week! that makes me so happy! i bet you guys are just living it up! but honestly mom talking to you was the BEST thing ever! its literally been so long since we have talked and seen each other! its so weird to me! But it makes me that much more grateful for you and everything you have done for me! I cant wait for you guys to get my letters haha! might only be in febuary but at least you will get them LOL!

I cant believe today starts another new year... 2019. the year i come home! that blows my mind. If were being honest i feel like i havent even changed. its so wierd. im gonna be weird when i get home though i know that lol.

its always so fun to have all the fam together. i honestly have realized that the most important part about the holidays is who you are with. it dosent matter where you are or what you get or give. its the memories you make and the relationships you create around those special times of the year!

It makes excited that i will be home for this crazy time next year!

I honestly dont have too much to say but YES next week i will go to the office and grab the bag. DONT even worry haha! Today is pretty chill. president is letting us stay with the members again and we dont have our meeting today so its GREAT! im super pumped to be here for the last time for the new year! i remember how fun it was last year with all the fireworks and stuff so i can only imagine how it will be this year!

i love you so much and i hope you have a GREAT ANO NOVO!!


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