December 3, 2018




Elder Bezerra

I really don't know

Im running out of fun things to put for my titles lol.


So im glad to hear that it snowed lol. thats so fun. funny thing is that im missing snow right about now. its either really HOT or its just raining. you guys are gonna laugh at my tan lines when i get home.

BUT this week was crazy busy! we had the temple and we had zone conference! The temple is always so GREAT and guys we literally have SO many temples where we live is CRAZY!! were so lucky! But zone conference was good. the mission is kind of in a slump and nobody is baptising...nobody knows whats going on. Like the area im in usually has 5 or 6 baptism in the transfor and here we are starting week 5 with 1 lol. president is a little frustrated but its all good! this week we have our mission CHRISTMAS CONFERENCE! WAHOOOOO! it should be SUPER fun and i am PUMPED!!

But Luan is doing really well. He was confirmed this sunday and we have a family night with him and his uncle and aunt tonight so that should be fun! he also gave you guys a follow on insta lol.

But this week we were really trying to help some of our investagators but nobody is really progressing so it looks like this next week we are gonna have to start all over with our teaching group. pretty sad but itll be okay. we also have a christmas party with the ward saturday so that should be fun!

Well guys im sorry i dont really have too much to say but we have chior again today... i dont think i told you guys but this last sunday wasnt the only performance that we will have with the mission chior! we have 4 more lol. so we gotta go practice today too yay.

I LOVE YOU ALL DONT FORGET THAT! i loved all of your emails! i really read them all i promise i just dont have time to respond! We will get to talk here in a couple weeks just remember that! WAHOOOOO! I Love you all and have a FANTASTIC WEEK!!

love your fav elder

Elder Bingham


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