December 17, 2018




Elder Bezerra



So yes transfers happened........ Drum Roll please......
Elder Bingham vai ficar em Caraguata Trainando. IM TRAINING AGAIN! WAHOOOOO! So i have no idea who my comp is going to be but honestly i am so excited! Also we got a new ZL and its Elder Bledsoe!! My comp from the MTC! Its kind of cool, in our zone we have 4 people from my group that all got to the field at the same time! I am actually super excited for this transfer and better yet... I GET TO TALK TO YOU ALL NEXT WEEK! 
This week was amazing here in caraguatá. We started teaching some really good new people. Niete, erica, Vania, Dalãn, Lucas, Eric and some others too but everybody likes to sleep is the problem haha. Its kind of frustrating some times when you teach somebody all week long. they are reading praying and making progress and then they decide that church is too early and sleep in. And then you even pass by there house before church to take them and nobody answers. BUT its okay. I am excited to see what this week brings!
So i honestly dont have to much to say but i am pumped to be staying here training! You guys all look like your having so much fun and that makes me so happy! I love you guys and really try your best to remember our salvador during this chirstmas season. I love you all and i cant WAIT for Next week!
Tchau Tchau
Elder Bingham
PSso i was sitting there last night in the chior and this family comes walking in and they did not look brazilian and then i heard them talking in english and i was like WHAT?! then they started talking to this sister from provo and i heard them say they were from af and i was like WHAT!?
so then i stopped them when they were passing by and they know alot of the people that i do. the girl graduated the same year i did from af. she used to have a crush on kade lol.
but then we just started talking and they are such an awesome family! this kid in the pic served with colby paige haha! and the other elder is a new guy from af too! the mormon world is so small its crazy! But it was so fun to run into them!


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