November 26, 2018




Elder Bezerra

New Rules

Sounds like thanksgiving was a good one. I did not have thanksgiving... it was really weird. i was studying and i looked up at the calender and realized it was thanksgiving... then we went to work. just a normal day lol. 
BUT  yesterday was the WHITE CHRISTMAS! we got to sing and it was actually really fun! there was a ton of people! so after the chior we had the baptisms and we ended up baptising my friend luan! BOSTO he is 13 and i know you guys would be friends haha! hes a funny dude but i was super happy for him! We have been working with him for a couple weeks now and we told him he needed to pray and ask if the things were teaching were true...we went back the next day and asked him how it went and he said that he had an answer. he told us that he KNEW the church was true! it was so awesome! so happy for him!
So today is a normal day of work because tomorrow WE are going to the temple! WAHOOO! We also had a meeting with president this week because he was at a training last week with all of the mission presidents in brazil. they all met in Recife! But now we have some new rules...
1. we can only email for one hour2. we cant use the church to use the internet (even to write home)
so  I'm sorry but I'm not going to be able to respond to everything. i just want you guys to know that i am reading your emails every week. i LOVE to hear from you guys and if i don't respond to your email or write a group email its because i really don't have TIME! 
well my hour is up. wish i could talk longer but i really can't!  just know that i am doing GREAT and loving LIFE!
Crazy how fast time is passing. I really dont have too much to say. i hope you guys are all doing good and I LOVE YOU ALL!!


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