November 12, 2018




Elder Bezerra


SO WOW my eyes have been opened. I entered into BRAZIL this week. This area is AMAZING. I love the favela so much... besides the bad smells lol. but honestly this place is crazy.  BUT WOW! I thought i knew what favela was before i got here but nope. i was wrong! I just wish you guys could walk down the street with me in this place. Definitely  is pretty different then any other place i have ever been in my life HAHA! AND what makes it even better is that im gonna be here for the HOLIDAYS WOOT WOOT! i honestly am so excited!
So my comp is a stud. he looks like he's 15 but trust me this kid is insanly smart and he knows SO much doctrine about the church. I am honestly learning so much with him! it was really weird leaving Dionizio last week. and it was sad because i didnt have time to say goodbye to everybody! Im going to miss that ward but everything happens for a reason!
So this area is INSANE! i dont think i have ever taught so much in my mission. the people are humble and are looking for answers! honestly this week was full of miracles! I dont think i have told you guys this but we have a goal of giving at least one person a baptism date every day. haha pretty crazy right?! but anyways we ended up passing by this house late saturday night. our last apointment. we had already met with this girls husband but it was the first time meeting her. she invited us in and we started talking. we asked her if her husband said anything about us passing by the other day... she said no but when we pulled out the pamphlet to teach her... SHE HAD ALREADY READ IT! because it was sitting on the table and she thought it looked interesting haha! We taught her some things and invited her to church and then she THANKED us for the invitation WHAT! we passed by her house at 8:50 and she asked us why we were late?! HAHA it was awesome! so crazy! we are gonna head over there tonight but honestly their family is great! 

Man this is crazy. I am loving this area! Its so crazy... this week we were having lunch with one of the members this week and we started talking about the mission. He was a missionary haha. But its crazy... before the mission everything you do is preparing you to serve. During the mission you prepare to live life!! But the mission is so awesome! I litteraly have one purpose.... to help others come unto to Christ. That is my only worry. I have a goal and i have a purpose here... every single day when i wake up I get to teach and share this gospel, share the happiness that I have with these wonderful people of Brazil! i really feel so blessed to be where i am!

I love you all!
Love, Elder Bingo


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