October 29, 2018




Elder Dionizio


First off LETS GO SOX!!!!! 
SO this week was crazy. we walked a ton and MAN São Paulo knows how to rain. It could be sunny without a cloud in the sky when we leave in the morning but that honestly dosent mean one thing here because when it hits 3 o´clock the rain comes. This week rain SO MUCH it was pretty fun haha! I love the rain. 
So this week we found this guy named Ari!! we had our Zone conference and after we ended up getting some work in before the night was over. we were walking on our way home and there was this one guy in the street. we started talking to him and MAN was he awesome! He lives pretty close to our house and eneded up teaching him alot this week! he has some problems with smoking and coffe but we went over to his house last night and we set some goals with him! He couldnt go to church this week because it was elections here... but he already told us he is coming next week. 
We started working with this other lady... her name is mary lucy. She was in our area book and she was taught by some sisters about 7 years ago. We went and visited her and she still loves in the same house but her husband died. She seems super interested and im excited to see where it goes! 
Gabriela and André and the fam is good! i love those guys so much! we have a family night planned for friday because we really have no idea if im gonna stay here or not. so i talked to andré and were gonna have pizza and everything its gonna be SWEET!!
BUT yes. this sunday is transfers... i dont know what is gonna happen. i dont have any idea. i hope i stay if we are being honest. the area is rough to find people to teach BUT this ward is amazing. I really like the elders i am living with and me and elder dionizio get along really well. So i think i will get transfered HAHA! when everything is going good... thats when president likes to switch things up. But i guess we will see.
Elder Dionizios Bday was wednasday he turned 22 years old. Hes a good dude and he honestly says the most random things in english in the street. its so funny. he has this british acsent and its the best thing ever.
GUYS this week was good and i hope you are all doing GREAT. im sorry i dont have ANY time to write today but i want you to all know that i didnt forget about you and i love you ALL!
I cant wait to talk to you guys this next week. Itll be crazy to see what happens!
1) my feet after the rain. ( HULK )2) Guarana JESUS ( taste like bubblegum)3) The venasulan family4)Marcio5) AÇAI today ( 4$ )


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