October 22, 2018




Elder Dionizio


HEllo yall.

so im not gonna lie. this week was rough BUT we got next week. Almost all of our appiontments fell through and we didnt find to many new people to teach. Elder Dionizio and i were pretty down yesterday. We decided we were going to do our weekly planning after lunch yesterday because we didnt have any apiontments and needed to plan still. so we did that and then after we just started talking... talking about what we needed to do and what kind of goals we can make to work better this week.

lets just say we talked for about 3 hours about life and both of us ended up in tears. i didnt know how rough dionizios life was before the mish but i learned a lot from him yesterday. All of us have our different ways of life. we all come from different places and different situations. None of us are the same. No matter how many things we have in comun. we all are different. I really think that before the mish me and dionizio had met. i dont know how but i am learning a lot from him.

We have a new family from venazula that moved in to our ward a couple weeks ago and we went there this week and visited them!! The husband... jose... actually came and worked with us for 3 hours on wednesday and it was so AWESOME!! he was just trying to talk to everybody but he dosent speak portuguese and nobody understands him... so later that night we ended up going back to there house and they made these pastels with chicken and salsa and MAN were they good. but after we left a message with them and i bore my testimony about the gift of tounges. i told them they will learn portuguese and that they really are examples for us all. they left eveything that they had in venazula to try and have a better life. they are an amazing family! i will get a pic with them this week!

Marcio!! Man this guy keeps on amazing me everyday! this week he had an opportunity to go to the temple and do baptisms with the ward! He also blessed the sacrament this week with our other friend andré! He is gabrielas dad! they both have changed so much from the first time i met them. they have a new light and i can really see that difference. it really is so amazing!

Well this morning we went and worked a little bit haha so we dont have to tonight because there is never anybody in the streets and nobody wants to talk to us. BUT i am excited to see what this week brings! what kind of new challenges to face!

I love you all and i hope you all have a FANTASTIC WEEK!

i will send pics later today!!


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