September 24, 2018




Elder Dionizio

estou sem Palavras (I'm speechless)

Hello everybody!

Man haha its been awhile since ive talked to you all haha. But i hope you are all doing well!! Sounds like you guys are going to be heading out today for AZ. What time?

Because i think i will be coming back later today...

So i will tell you about transfers cuz thats about all that happened since the last time i talked to you all!

So everybody in the district was transfered and me and Dionizio stayed... CRAZY RIGHT!

Im supper happy that me and Dionizio stayed but man i am sad about Correa and Torres leaving...
The house i think is defiently going to be different without those guys there. Wont be as fun for sure.

But right now we have 10 other missionarys in our house because this is the house that everybody passes when they are getting ready to go home because its the closest and Biggest that there is in the mission haha! but man our house is a wreck and nobody went to sleep last night lol.

I really dont have much to say... really. Life is good. I just hope that you all are doing good. There are SO many things going on back at home... it is really weird to me. Because im just here... just being a missionay haha and life is just moving along back at home... its really weird for me. So many things are going to be different when i get home.

I love you all SO MUCH!! Try and have a good week this week! I send my love for all of you!

Elder Bingham


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