September 22, 2018




Elder Dionizio

Grandma Bingham

So i got a suprise visit this morning from president. He pulled up at the house and all of us were like what the heck... WHY is president here? What did we do? haha! But he sat me down and told me the news...

I was in shock and i was thinking maybe i didnt understand him right. Honestly didnt know what to say. He told me i could write you guys and so how you guys are doing today... This was such a surprise? I didnt know how bad her health was... I know she was going through a shoulder replacement. So i just want to know a little bit more about what happened?

This really was such a suprise and i hope you guys are all doing well. When president left i went and grabed my pictures and started looking through them and found one with all the grandkids are her and Gpa. It was a couple of thanksgivings ago when we all went there... She always loved having us all there.

I just went to tell you all, Better then i have ever known before, that she is in a better place. I know our heavenly father is needing her sweet spirit back with him at him and that really this life was just prepearing her for whats now to come! I love her so much... These past couple hours ive just been thinking about all the fun memories that we have together. She always like to spoil me haha! Its hard to think that she wont be there when i get home but i know she is where she needs to be. Its funny because i go around teaching how we can have familys forever and about the plan that god has for us everyday. But its still hard. Death is something that we dont exactly understand but i know that its something that will happen to every single one of us one day because this life is just a passage. We have a bigger purpose after this life. We all are just preparing for whats to come and i know that we were all put here in this family because we couldnt do it without each other. I know this for a fact. I know that every single one of you guys have a purpose in my life. We werent just thrown into the same family by acident but we choose each other before this life. We knew other before this life and we knew that this life wouldnt be easy. We knew that we would all pass through hard times and that we would need each other in this life to make it through. I cant tell you guys how much every single one of you mean to me. This gospel is true and god really has a plan for every single one of us. I dont know if you guys know how LUCKY we really are to have this Knowledge. I wouldnt be here in Brazil sharing this gospel if i didnt know this church is true. There is no way i would leave you guys and everything back at home for 2 years if i didnt know, without a doubt, that this church is gods church.

I hope to hear you guys soon. president said i can talk to you guys today so i will stay here until we have lunch haha. I love you all and i hope you guys are okay!

Elder Bingham


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