September 10, 2018




Elder Dionizio

Holy Food

Hello everybody!!

Man this week was great! My friend marcio MADE IT TO CHURCH THIS WEEK!! can i get a WOOT-WOOT!! For me this is one of the best things that has happened so far... We literally found this guy in the street, started talking to him and started teaching me. I have never meet a man with a heart more ready to hear about the gospel. he really is such a mircle. Everything we teach him, he knows its true... he never doubts it. its the craziest thing and me and my comp really are so lucky to be able to find him! This week is his baptism. I cant wait to let you guys all know how it turns out!

Me and Elder Dionizio found a family really great!! There names are Nida and Antonio!! We litterally we knocking on doors and she started asking us all these questions and said shes been praying for an answer and i hope it is us! guess we will see this week!

But now for the important stuff.... FOOD! i dont think i have ever eaten so much food in my life. This week was Elder Torres birthday and we had this HUGE american style breakfast!! We had a whole bunch of bacon and sausage. Then i made some french toast and pancakes! Then we had some orange juice too! so that was wednesday... then i decided that i wanted to do a CHURRASCO on p-day. so i went and bought a bbqer and litterally i cant tell you how much meat! It was unreal. im sorry but steve better watch out when i get home. Elder Correa is from the south of Brazil and if anybody knows anything about brazil they know that that is where the BBQ is at.

Um but this week me and Elder Dionizo were talking one morning. Oh and by the way My friend Elder Dionizio speaks 2 languages and he is learning Japanese by himself right now!! it was actually pretty funny... I didnt know that he was FLUENT in english until this week!He has this british acsent its so funny. He never has talked to me in english until this week... i dont know how this happened but thats that.

Me and Elder torres have a problem with going to sleep at night. lol. I freaking love that dude. We always just stay up and tell storys and talk about life. Elder Correa is pretty awesome too and i actually love living in 4... i honestly think it is so much better haha! But this week was really good! Me and Dionizio are starting to work really well together and im started to get used to the area! Being district lider is kinda crazy but im starting to feel like im finally doing a little bit better haha! Im loving life and learning little things everyday!

Check out the Videos and pics in my Drive!

I love you all SOOOOOOO much dont ever forget that and i hope you all have a great WEEK!


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