August 27, 2018




Elder Dionizio

Domingo dia divertido


So the city i am in is São Paulo but the neighborhood is called Bosque de Saude. They just go by neighborhoods here in São paulo lol because it is SUCH a big city! Elder Dionizio! the kid is doing so much better this week! MOM the craziest thing is that i am teaching and doing everything and like i dont know how. I am teaching and doing things that i didnt even know was possible! it is so crazy and i am seeing miracles everyday!

So honestly with me being able to speak portugues its like SUPER fun! and the more i think about it... what other time in my life am i going to be able to live with 3 brazilian dudes in the same house haha! we actually have a ton of fun! So yes i still wear those shoes because they are still wearable and i dont want to ruin those new ones lol... but YES i will send a pic next week! uhhhh the pics with the house... we will see haha!

Honestly the seasons here are weird and i havent felt that big of a difference with all of them. i defiently dont need more sweaters or anything else for winter haha!

MOM life is crazy but i am honestly started to love my mission more then i thought i could! i am learning so much everyday and being put in new situations everyday too! I am having so much fun too!

Dont worry about sending packages hahaha honestly i have everything i need and then some! I will be making a cake for sure for my birthday!

I will send the pics next week for sure but im sorry for the short letter... today is weird because of the temple tomorrow but we gotta go work now!

I love you so much and i hope you are doing so good mom!

Love your fav missionary Elder Bingo


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