August 4, 2018


Mission office


Elder Miner

Semema de Queimar

Hey guys how are ya!!?

So this week was pretty fast. I swear time is passing SOOO much faster in the office. I cant beleive we only have one more week till transfers! If were being honestly after this week talking with president i think i will be staying in the office!

So it dosent even feel like it but YES i went back to the CTM this week. It was last sunday back it was such a blast. It was pretty eye opening to see where i have come haha. All of the americans were speaking in english and they had the headphones to watch the devotional. And i tried to talk to them in portugues and they understood nothing haha. so i just spoke to them in english. But man was it super fun to be able to go back! i wish it would of been ONE week earlier and i would of got to of seen REAGAN but its all good! I didnt see anybody i knew but it was still fun to be there! Really Strange!

So i started out the week doing house visits with president and sister Acosta and Elder Miner and man was that fun lol. we had to get up at 5:30 and get all ready and stuff so we could get to the houses by 7:00 but the crazy thing about our mission is we can drive 2 hours and we are in the farthers part of our mission! Also its super nice because we can visit literally anybody if there is any problems and we have a pretty sweet metro system here so you can literally get to any area pretty quick! Crazy stuff but ya... so we went with president in there car and got to this house at about 7 and the sisters were still sleeping... boy did sister acosta lit them up. i almost felt bad because when we left the sisters were both crying but honestly the 2 sisters have Baptised in almost 2 transfers so president wanted to see what was going on. But he was right. Really opened my eyes on how important is really is to follow EVERY rule that there is. So after that we went and visited a couple other houses and man sister acosta can roast. she just kind of lit everybody on fire that day but i think they all deserved it lol. And then after house visits we were heading home and president got a call that one of the missionaries did something wrong so we ended up driving out there and MAN i have never seen him so mad. It was pretty intense to say the least haha. After the visits we went to get some lunch at this super nice restaurant!! they had this Farofa made with bananas and it was probably one of the BEST things that ive had here. They also had these fries made out of corn and they were pretty good too. Me and miner are gonna go do some more visits this next week and im actually pretty excited!!

So honestly besides that this week was pretty crazy for me because its the end of the month and that means i have to put all the paper work in for all of the Baptisms for the month and i found out i was supposed to be sending out a little form everyweek to the missionaries who were missing there paper work lol. So i ended up having to call almost 30 different missionaries about there baptism paperwork lol. But that is one thing for me is i am always making phone calls and before i got to the office i hated that. But i have gotten better at speaking because of these phone calls. The other thing is that the phones suck so its hard to understand and then they are talking in portugues too so that makes it even easier. Honestly i dont have time to do language study here in the office but my portugues i feel like has got a ton better so thats good!! It just sucks because i DONT GET TO TEACH!! im scared im gonna get back in the field and forget everything!! The office is super fun but just so different because honestly my work here is helping other missionaries! really different but super fun at the same time!

Oh and me and miner painted a house this week that was full of MOLD! that took a whole day lol but it was super fun! But anyways that was my week! Sad that summer is coming to a end back at home but i hope you guys are just living it up!

So im going to tell you guys a secret but honestly i probably shouldnt be telling you guys lol. We are having this HUGE devotional in São Paulo with all 5 of the missions and 2 APOSTLES are coming!!!!! Elder Ballard and Elder Soares!!! Honestly nobody knows about this right now and president said we cant tell anybody for another 2 weeks but i just couldnt keep it in hahaha but i am SOOOOOOO pumped! Its defiently going to be something i will never forget!



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