September 17, 2018




Elder Dionizio


This week was FaNtAsTiC and yes my friend Marcio was BAPTISED! Man i was so happy for that man! Really the whole story with him is a miracle. I contacted him in the street and i knew after the first time seeing him that he was special. But he dosent have a doubt that this is the church of jesus christ... the only true church on the face of the earth. Everything we taught him, he already knew it was true. He Stopped drinking coffe and Whiskey the day we taught him about the word of wisdom... he knew it was true. He really was prepared by god before we even met him... he was just waiting for us to find him. 
 I know there is other people like him that are just WAITING for us to find them and it majes me SO excited to leave my house everyday and have the oportunity to be a representative of christ and be able to share a little bit about the plan that he has for us!! I know this plan, is a plan of happiness and that god WANTS us to be happy. Through the trials we have in this life we grow and we learn. Thats what our life is. Making mistakes and then learning from those mistakes and becoming better. When we come unto christ... he is always there for us. no matter where you are in life or what situation you may be in.
I was reading the first couple pages of the book of mormon this week... the part that i have ALWAYS skipped over and i dont know why. My testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith grew SO much this week. I am now studying joseph smith history and i am loving it. Its so interesting to me to see how god works in the latter days.. it all makes SO MUCH SENSE and i have love studying about joseph... Makes me want to take another trip to palmyra because i took all of the for granted haha!!
So my friends nida and antonio kind of turned us down this week. we went there one night and they said they were too busy and then we went another night and nida told us straight up that she just wanted to learn about our church. but nothing else. so kind of sad. so we are going to be going there tomorrow to see whats up but i was pretty disapionted about that. We have been working with the less active family and they are AWESOME!!  so gabriela HASNT been baptised but its a weird situation because she lives with her mom but every other weekend she visits her dad! so she was here yesterday and so we went and visted her and the fam and i asked her if she would want to be baptised and she got the BIGGEST smile on her face and said YES!! so her dad is going to be talking to her mom this week and hopefully everything works out. Her baptism is marked for SATURDAY! We are also going to be doing a family night in their house with some pizza and stuff friday and i am super excited for that! they really are an amazing family! Theres André ( hes the dad) andré ( the oldest son who dosent go to church anymore but is baptised) and gabriel ( he is 11 years old and he is AWESOME) and then Gabriela ( she is 10 years old and she is so funny haha) but honestly they live in this little favela with all of their family so im hoping the family night they can invite a bunch of their family and we can start teaching them too!!
Life is good guys. Training is defiently different and i am learning alot but its good! Dionizio is one funny dude...  He worked in a shoe factory before the mission and i think thats what made him a little different. The place that he worked sounds horrible and in 1 month he only made 200 dollars. LIKE WHAT! crazy stuff but time is still passing really fast. i cant believe that i am almost half way done training Dionizio... this is the last week of the transfer! 


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