February 26, 2018




Elder Scott


Typical day-
My typical day is this. I wake up at 6:25 for my personal pray then at 6:30 we have comp pray. Then we go and plan our day. After we do that we work out for a bit then when we are done we get ready for the day. Then we start personal study from about 8-9. From 9-10 we have comp study. Then 10-10:30 language study. Then we say another prayer before we leave the house! We will usually try and go visit some people in the morning or we will go And do random little things before lunch at 12:30. We have lunch appointments every day ha ha but no dinner. Lunch is the big bill here. It honestly makes more sense. We eat literally the same thing every day. Rice and beans with some kind of meat on top with some salad and some of the best juice you can have! I love the juices! They are all so yummy! After lunch as when we work. We do a lot of different things but 9 o’clock is when we have to be back in our house! Are usually will eat a snack because we don’t get dinner. Then I usually study some more, SHOWER (I shower two times a day here because I sweat so much) And then go to bed. In my tiny little comfy bed! hee hee
Cooking food-
We very rarely have time to cook. Just P-days really. And breakfast if we want it. I’ve made lots of eggs ha ha and juice! But besides that nope!
Washing my clothes-
Yes I have a washing machine LOL. But we just dry our clothes on clothes lines. We have a little sink with a washboard where we can wash if we get stains which happens a lot with our white shirts LOL.
My garments are still as white as can be :-) but I’m sure in a year I won’t be saying that because I sweat so much ha ha!
We got our haircut by this kid that we teach. He reminds me of lincoln🤙🏽 bunker! Kind of funny! And no lemon juice. Just straight Brazilian sun!
I usually will get 10 contacts a day but people I talk to probably at least 20 different people in a day! I have the first vision, the missionary purpose and then we have a mission São Paulo Sul visão that I’m memorizing right now it’s so long!
I feel like Carnaval never happened. 13th February is the actual day of Carnaval most of the other days are crazier than that I was kind of disappointed!
Ask brin and bos if they remember the fort we built a long time ago with Nate after Bailey’s baptism in Logan! Some of the houses are literally like that. Or maybe just a little bit better but not much. CRAZY!!!
Yes I have been to the grocery store LOL. All we get is rice, beans, noodles, milk and then we have a “fiera” which is basically just a big flea market (I think that’s what it’s called)
Where people just set up their stands and they all just sell fruit. Fruit from all over the place and a bunch of it I have never seen before and it’s all super super cheap. Then we buy eggs from this guy for like $10 and we get 30 eggs LOL. Food here is really cheap. Also the members always give us food too so we got plenty of it.
So this happened. We were at this baptism in our chapel and one of the kids was wearing a Snow Springs Dragons shirt! WHAT???
So I asked the mom where she got it and they used to live in Provo and a friend gave it to her! Crazy right! Also I met this guy that used to live in Highland. He went to Lone Peak high school and spoke English and everything! CRAZY STUFF!!!


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