August 27, 2018




Elder Dionizio

Apostolic Presence

Olá Gente !!
WOW what a week! Honestly this week was just full of miracles and YES i got to see 2 APOSTLES this passed friday! Wow was that meeting incredible! We had to sit and wait in our seats for like an hour because of the traffic here in São Paulo BUT when they came walking through the door i just got this feeling. They didnt even have to say a word but i knew that they are Apostle of god and that they talk and recive revalation fromgod himself. They way they talk and they way that they say i KNOW that God and Christ live gives me comfort! One other thing that was super cool was to be able to hear Elder Soares speak in Portugeus!! I loved hearing him talk so much! I really am so lucky that i can really understand portugues now haha! But Honestly that had a ton of good advice and really made me excited to work more! 
This week we also found this guy named Marcio... We were walking down the street and this guy was giving me this weird look so i started talking to him and i came to found out that he had been searching and praying alot to find some kind of religion or some kind of answers to his question that he had. So we marked a day and when and taught him. We talked to him about the restoration and Joseph Smith and he was really Interested! So we told him to come to church on sunday but the guy works a ton but yesterday when we were walking in the streets we ran into him! He invited us over to drink some coke and talk some more about ´´Joseph Smith`` he was really interested about what he did. Hears the best part... after we got done talking about joseph he told us that all he needs in a women is she needs to believe in Joseph and Christ and NO he is not married. HAHA i dont know why i found this so funny but he isnt wrong! 
We also get to go to the Temple tomorrow so thats always good! I cant believe that i have almost been here for 9 months now WAHOOO! time is passing by so fast but i am loving every second of it! My Comp Elder Dionizio is awesome and we are really started to work better and get along! He is from a small little city up in the north east of brasil! He really is such a funny kid and training is a lot different then i thought it would be!
One thing that was really cool that i got to do this week was Baptism Interviews! I will be honest... I was so scared that either i wasnt going to be able to understand what they were saying or the other way around but it really is so amazing how god works. I had 3 interviews this week and all 3 of them were SUCH a spirtual expirence! It really was such a neat experince and I think i learned more during those then they did! 
But honestly i cant tell you how much i am loving being a missionary of jesus christ. I am loving every second being able to represent my savior for these short 2 years of my life. It really is passing by so fast and I feel like i am still here starting my mission! I am so grateful for all of the expirences that i already have had. I know that we have a loving heavenly father and i know he has a plan for each and every one of us. He loves us and he listens to us. I cant tell you how grateful i am for our savior jesus christ because without him, This plan would be incomplete. But because of everything he did we have a chance to be freed of our sins and learn from our mistakes. I am so grateful for this! 
I love you all and i hope you all doing great started school back up WAHOOO! 
Elder Bingham


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