August 20, 2018




Elder Dionizio


WHAT A WEEK! So i didnt tell everybody last week but i was transferred from the office.
I am now training, opening up an area... and district leader. WHAT. I was just a little bit supprised to say the least. I am now in the ward BOSQUE where we have all of our meetings and conferences and everything in the mission so thats pretty nice haha! So monday i got into my new house and i live with one group of missionarys in our house. Also the house is where all of the missionars stay before the leave to go home... so when i got there that place was a mess haha. But that night when i got there we were chilling in the house because other the other missionarys were eating dinner at the presidents house. There was this couple that wanted to talk to one of the missionarys that were going home and they showed up at our house at like 11 o´clock. We were talking to them outside of our house and literally 5 min later a motorcycle stopped in the middle of the street. One guy hopped off and started yelling GIVE ME EVERYTHING YOU GOT. The guy had a gun and so we just stood there and we told him we didnt have anything besides our crappy missionary phones. So we gave those to him and lucky the couple left there phones in there car. The guys got back on there bike and took off. WHAT!! It was crazy but luckily nothing happened to us! So that was a good welcome to the area haha!
I have never seen so many japanesse people in my life. The region of São Paulo is just FULL of japanesse people and they are so hard to work with hahaha. just trying to talk to them in the streets is a struggle but ya this area is supper rich and then like super poor haha. they have a bunch of favela and then we have a bunch of huge buildings too. ITS CRAZY. Its the best of both worlds haha!
So i got my new comp that i am training and his this little guy from the north of brazil. Hes a little awkward and dosent like to talk to much. lets just say this week has been pretty interesting... We get along but let me just tell ya MAN IT IS WEIRD TRAINING SOMEBODY CUZ I FEEL LIKE I JUST GOT HERE! 
Lets just say im learning alot haha...We were walking in the street one day after one of our apointments and there was this guy looking at me kind of funny... So i started talking to him and he told me that 2 years ago he want to an activity in OUR church but he never went back but just this past week he has really been thinking how he needs Jesus christ in his life. He was telling me how he has been dealing with some problems but he wants us to come visit him TONIGHT!! WAHOOOO i am so pumped to meet with him!
This week we have a conference with all 5 MISSIONS IN BRAZIL!! Elder Soares and Elder Ballard are BOTH coming! We have our big conference with them on FRIDAY and i have never been so excited!! 
I would love to hear from you all! I hope you all have a fun week starting back up with school! I love you ALL!!
Elder Bingham


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