August 11, 2018


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man guys I feel like I just talked to you all like yesterday haha... time passes SO fast here!! I can't BELIEVE that school is starting in one week! That just blows my mind... I'm kinda starting to hate time but its cool!
I have a video that explains this title but its to big to send so if you want to know what it is shoot me an email lol.

So... tomorrow... is .... transfers ... and I have no idea what is going to happen. I'm excited to see what happens and whatever happens, I know its whats best for me. I really think there was a reason that I hurt my ankle and that I am where I am right now. These last couple weeks have really flown by but MAN have I learned a lot. Its also been so fun living in 6, its honestly so crazy but I love it! I guys I will be writing you guys Monday if I do end up getting transferred? I'm not sure how it works lol.
ANYWAYS let me tell you guys about my week real quick. It was a good one like always... I honestly think my hardest weeks are behind me now. at least dealing with the language and all. The language really isn't too big of a deal now like I definitely have room to improve but I can go day to day doing saying what I need to say without a problem. it's not like I have to really think before I talk you know... because before when I got here I literally had to think out every sentence before I said it hahaha. pretty fun right. BUT office life is good. Me and Miner got to go work a little bit this week YES! it was honestly so great even though I was a little rusty lol. 
But Wednesday night we ended up going out and find some of the referrals that the sisters passed to us... they told us they were in this favela and that they didn't want to go so we were alright let's do this. So we go and were walking down the street and then all of the sudden this street just turns into this favela and like all, there was this little gap between some fetchy sketchy looking houses and the house was in the middle... I wish you guys could have seen this place, haha I don't know how to describe very well but its CRAZY alright. so me and miner looked at each other and were like`` let's come back during the day lol.`` So we left cuz that place was just wack alright. and then we started heading for another referral and me and miner get the same feeling at like the same time that we needed to pray because we still hadn't... so we said this prayer on the road and started walking again and then this random strange looking dude comes walking up to us and starts asking for some money to buy some food. but like this dude was freaky looking. anyways we told him we didn't have anything and as soon as we started walking away the POLICE show up. they turn on their lights and get out of the car and start yelling at that freaky dude... me and miner kept walking and then the police called us back to talk to him and he started asking us questions about what the guy was doing. we told him he was just asking for some money to buy some food and then the policeman asked us if we knew who he was? and we were like no... why? and then he told us that, that dude was actually a rapist and is like SUPER dangerous and that we were like super lucky that he didn't try and do anything to us. and me and miner look at each other and were like WHAT! LIKE if we didn't say that pray 10 seconds before all of this happened who knows what would have happened. I know that me and elder miner were definitely being watched over that night. Then, after all, we decided we should probably head home. While we were walking home we had these 2 young people about our same age passing by us and we started talking to them. I think everybody thinks its pretty funny when they see these 2 white dudes walking around together talking in this funny accent but anyways we started teaching them a little bit and ended up asking them if they would want to be baptized one day... and they said YES!! but it wasn't just like this yes they were like duh that makes sense I know I need to get baptized kind of yes yanno? I was so happy after and I know that this whole night literally god was with us. He puts in the places we need to be in the right time and the right places!
I have a story that I want to share with you guys real there was this guy he was right out of high school and he was trying to find out what he wanted to do with his life but he didn't know. He knows of this man in Egypt that was super intelligent and super wealthy as well, he was very well known for his success that he had had in his life. he had heard soooo much about this man and he wanted to talk to him and find out how he become so successful in life. So decided he was gonna talk a trip to go visit this man to ask him these questions... so he did. Once he finally had enough money he made the trip out to Eygpt and he went and visited this man. He got there and the man lived in this small, normal house. He was a little surprised... But he knocked on the door and the man lets him in. once he got into the house he was looking around and there was nothing around besides his bed and a small kitchen. Before he could ask any of his questions he asked him was where are all of your things? Your so wealthy and you don't have anything inside of your house... Why? Then the man looked at the guy and asked him a question... he asked him well where are all of your things? And the man said oh they are back at my house... I just have what I need with me for now because I am just traveling. And then the man said well so am i... we are all just visitors here in this life. we don't need all the big fancy things to make us happy.
I LOVE THAT STORY AND ITS SO TRUE. We are all here on this earth as visitors. We lived in heaven before this life with all of our family and friends and we will go back home one day. God has given us this time on earth to learn and to grow and to become more knowledgeable beings.  WE HAVE A PURPOSE HERE ON THIS EARTH. WE ARE CHILDREN OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER AND WE WILL LIVE WITH HIM AGAIN SOMEDAY! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL AND THIS WORK SO MUCH AND I LOVE YOU ALL! 
(sorry I just got a little too hyped there )
I love you all and have a great week!
1) i dont even like ties 2) this is what i call a hot dog3) one year for my buddy elder rogers calls for some coke and pizza4) lil service project5)T h e d i s t r i c t 6) oh and my buddy wellington


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