July 28, 2018


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 Hello My people!! how are you all doin? cant believe summer is almost over!!
SO this week i honestly think was the fastest week of my life. we have zone conferences almost everyday and i got to go to a lot of different parts of the mission so that was a blast! It was honestly so stressful though hahaha! i had to get all the stuff ready for all of the zone and lets just say i didnt get much sleep this week! i had no idea how much work went into everyone of the conferences we have here in the mission! It really opened up my eyes... this whole experince is opening up my eyes a little bit and making me want to work just that much harder! Office life is good though! we have transfers in 2 weeks but time is passing by so fast. defiently the fastest trasfer so far in the mish. I think its different here because we honestly always have something to do. Im actually started to get the hang of it and im liking it alot now! we didnt have any time at all to teach this week but im hoping next week we will because we dont have anything too crazy! OH almost forgot... so president tomorrow is speaking at the ctm and he invited all of us to come! so im going back to the ctm tomorrow night so that should be WAY fun and im super pumped!! President is pretty happy with whats goin on with the mission and last week we broke the year record of batpisms in one week!! Wahoooooo! but im honestly doing good and the ankle is almost all the way back to normal already!! Oh and one other thing... all you soccer moms better watch out because me and elder rogers are coming for your jobs. we probably made over 500 sandwhiches this week for all of the missionaries! another thing is i got to meet my old companions DAD this week! he was here for work and wanted to drop off somethings for elder Portela and i got to talk to him for a bit! it was such a sweet moment for me and for him too! 
Honestly dont have to much to write this week cuz it was basically the same thing all week but I LOVE YOU GUYS !! 
Elder Bingham
1) me and portela after conference2)Night Life in São Paulo3) Litte dinner with pres and the rest of the group after conferences 


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