July 21, 2018


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Hello Everybody! 

This is Elder Bingham, from the office of the mission São Paulo Sul, signing in for the weekly report. Today i will be telling you guys about what events took place this week. First thing i would like to say is HAPPY B-DAY TO 2 OUT OF THE 3 GIRLS THAT I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR IN MY LIFE!!  I'll give you a hint one has their birthday TODAY and one on Tuesday!! I love you so much Halle and Mom! This is going to be SO weird not being home this week to be able to party all week long, and the next week, and the week after that as well lol. 
So today, me and miner are stuck in the office all day because we are getting the carpets cleaned and we have to have somebody here to make sure nothing goes wrong. So the other secraterys picked us lol imagine that.So literally im stuck here all day and i dont think we can even leave for lunch... how fun :0)
Alright so lets get started with my week. It was a pretty normal week, nothing to crazy happened but one of the fun things about being in the office is that the assistents are always doing splits so we have a different elder with us almost every night. We have a good time. Its actually super fun always having like 6 elders all of the time!! oh and we like to eat pizza too, i dont know if you guys already knew that or not but i think we buy pizza 2 or 3 times a week lol. Good stuff. im not gonna be able to eat our pizza ever again. 
So this week i actually got to go to the temple, TWICE!! i ordered a bunch of materials for the mission and because we are close we can just go pick it up there at the distribution center. Everything is right by the temple in sao paulo! Its super cool! but the reason we went twice was because the first time i went we got there at 5:10 and the guy told me that they closed at 5:30 so then we had to head back to the office empty handed. then the next day we ended up getting there at like 3:30 and everything worked out so that was good!! But we got to meet some of the couple missionaries that work at the temple and they are so funny. None of them speak Portuguese and like they all just like hang out together it's really funny! 
It was also Elder Brasil birthday yesterday too and he took all of the secrataries out for lunch with president! so we went to this WAY good buffet called SWEETS and they had Churrasco and everything and it was great! The couple missionaries are literally the best. they are so funny and are so happy! i love it so much!
so after everything that happened yesterday we still had some time to go and TRY and teach! so we left the office at about 7:30 and we literally walked out the office door and there are these people standing there waiting to go in to the sushi place next to our office. we walk by and they are speaking in english and i was like WHAT THE HECK. so i turn around i was like´´ WAIT you guys are speaking english!!´´ probably wayyyyy more excited then i should of been but oh well! so we started talking to them and the dude is from california and his wife is a Brazilian. the guy barely speaks Portuguese but obviously his wife is fluent but sadly they were just visting her mom that lives in another part of São Paulo but our office is super close to the airport and they had just flown in. So it was cool to meet them and get to talk to them for a bit but then we kept going and we honestly don't have any investigators or anybody to visit so we just decided we were going to make contacts. so we start walking and there was this girl waiting at the cross walk to cross the road and i was like shes not gonna want to talk but im just going to go for i did and weirdly enough we started talking and she was like telling us that she has already met missionarys before and she loves our work and like just going off about how grateful she was for the work we are doing and while she was talking the light turned green to cross but she just stayed and we kept talking to her and it was great! 
So after standing there on the sidewalk just talking shes like do you guys want to go drink some juice at that bar? and me and miner were like uhhhhhhhh ya sure? so we went into this bar/ resturante thing and we got some juice and we started talking she was like REALLY interested! She had just moved here from Fortaleza 5 months ago ( where elder rosa is from) and she is just going to school. she lives by herself and has a boyfriend but besides that she has nobdy and she was saying how that has been super hard for her! So we started teaching her about some of the principles that we believe in and how our heavenly father is really always there for us, yes in a bar. It was actually SUPER cool and way spiritual and so we gave her a pamphlet and got her number so we can go visit and teach her some more! i was SO excited! and then it was so funny we were walking out and she ended up buying our juices like WHAT!! and we went to tell her bye and she went in for the hug and i was like WAIT i cant hug you and then she was like super embarresed and i told her it was okay and that she didnt know but i hope that she didnt think it was like super weird and like that she dosent want to see us again but i guess we will see what happens! But that was my night! pretty fun.
Love,Elder Bingo


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