July 14, 2018


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Another week in the Office

Hello everybody!! 
So i got good news... I can walk normal again!! WAHOOOO!! But besides that this week was pretty normal! lots of Fichas and lots of paper work lol. I got to leave a couple days and go shopping for a couple new bunk beds for the mish and a new washer machine. that was pretty crazy let me tell ya lol. but it was good to get out of the office and get back on my feet. So im hoping this week that president will let me go out and start teaching again! 
But i dont know if any of you guys remember Felipe the kid i was teaching in Diadema for SUCH a long time?! WELL he stopped smoking and he was baptised last SUNDAY!! How exciting! Elder portela gave me a call last week telling me all about it! I wish i could of been there but im happy for him!
Anyways honestly dont have too much to say other then i love you all and im so grateful for this gospel. Its so true. i dont have a doubt in my mind and also i know that the power of pray is real. I challenge you all to get down on your knees this week and ask our heavenly father for help. ask him to be there in your life because i know thats what he wants to do. he wants to help you. he wants to be there and all you guys have to do is ask. be humble enoguh to realize you cant do it on your own and just ask. 
I hope you all have another great week of summer!!
Elder Bingham
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