July 8, 2018


Mission office


Elder Rodgers


HELLO MY AMERICAN FRIENDS AND HAPPY 4th OF JULY!! I hope everybody had a great week and thank you all SO much for all the love and support. I could feel the love and prayers during the week and i want to tell you all how grateful i am for all of you!!
 So yesterday me and elder Rodgers went to São Luiz Hospital and we talked to the trainer of the Corithians athletic trainer haha! he was actually super cool and what he said is that i can walk but i have to use the boot for one more week. so i have another apointment next friday He said honeslty after next week i can take it off and hes going to give me different exercises and stuff to do. But honestly we are looking at 2-3 weeks and i should be walking and good to go honestly and if not i guess i will stay here in the office but let me tell you guys about that now...
 This week i got called to be the secretary of materials in the mission, and guys this week was honestly probably one of the most stressful weeks of my life. WHAT i had no idea what that meant before i started. President told me he is going to keep me here in the office until my foot gets all the way better! So this is definitely good but WOW is it some different kind of work.So this work is definitely so different then the field but its good! this week we had a big meeting with all of the zone leaders in the mission and literally i had to prepare everything for that. I had to call all the ZL     and ask them what they needed and get all the stuff together here at the office. it was stressful... alot more stressful then it sounds but its good! Then my other big responsibility is putting in the paper work for all of the baptisms in the mission. They send me the ´´Fichas´´ literally don't know what the word is in english but i have to put in all the info about them and i had this whole week to call and ask everybody to send them to me because if they don't then the baptism doesn't count and president will get really mad lol. BUT i came through and got them all in thankfully. But then i do all of the referrals in the mission and like... theres alot of stuff but i like it a lot!
So we have a mission house and an office and then we have another house that the secretaries all live at!! the building we live at is the building over from the office. the mission house is where pres and sis acosta live and its like 15min away from us. Elder moore and elder pulley are back in their house now. they served there 2 months. so i just switched over to elder pulleys bed. He is from PG! 

There is 4 sec and 2 assistants. i live with all 6 of them. same house. i japanese 1 brazillain and 1 venazulian. and then us 3 americans! its so fun! the dudes are awesome. so normally I would get to teach and i will when my foot is better but for now pres told me i had to stay in the office. kind of a bummer but oh well. for lunch we use this thing called a motor boy. hes this kid on his motorcycle and he goes and gets our lunch at the members house and brings it to us lol. its actually really funny. 

This has helped me to open my eyes and really see how the mission works and i want to get back into the field so bad! I can actually talk and teach and everything now and i WANT to do that! this whole week i stayed in the office all day. we had lunch here and everything and its kind of boring but theres not much else i can do. BUT because of the doctor and yesterday and finding out i can walk I GOT OUT TODAY!! So this morning me and elder Macedo, he's the assistant to the president, we had to go pick up these shirts for the churrasco we had today but they were in Mauá so we  had to get up at 6 and head there. It was really fun actually because i had never been to that part of the mission BUT it was like 1 hr and a half each way! MAUÀ is kinda where i want to go honestly, especially after being there... Its more in the jungle and like the hills. WOW. The views are so cool but i guess we will see where i head after the office. 

I want to tell you guys about the train ride though because it was crazy!! We got there just fine but on the way back there was SO MANY PEOPLE like always haha! its so funny... on the metro here ( subway) they have people that hop on the trains and try to sell you stuff and they just yell and run up and down the aisles and its really funny. we had 3 stops in a row when one guy would get off and another would get on and they were selling the same stupid tripod for you phone hahaha it was funny! But we got the shirts and we headed to the mission house because of the big churrasco we were having with all of the stake presidents of the mission!! It was really cool and they all brought there families and it was just a good time! The meat was SO YUMMY as always.

One of the things that i have loved about working here in the office is getting to know president and sister Acosta better!! My perspective on president i have learned alot more about him and i love president and sister !! they really are so awesome!!
So guys i don't know what else to tell ya because i probably won't be teaching or doing much contacting for the next couple weeks so i won't have any stories to tell or anything but i cannot WAIT to get back into the field!! But really i am doing good and loving my time here in the office! Elder Rodgers and me have gotten super tight and i love that dude! Also the other kid that is here now... his name is elder Miner and he played baseball!! he's a way sweet kid too and we have a good time here together!!


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