June 30, 2018


Mission office


Elder Portela

Story Time

hey guys so sorry for giving ya this little suprise on a saturday but i got something to tell ya...
So tuesday me and portela and the other elders from the ward close to us we were playing basketball with the bishop at 6 in the morning.
but theres this kid named elder manger he dosent know HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL. and he was fouling everybody. but we were about half way through the game and i go up to get a rebound and freaking manger gives me a little push while im in the air and i come down and landed on it wrong. i was like what the freak. and i went to put preasure back on it and it was done for. so i took a seat on the floor and took off my shoe and socks and BOOM there it was. my ankle and it already looked like a baseball. so the bishop called one of the members and they came and got me and took me to the hospital. 
So i found out that i have a level 2 ankle sprain and maybe some ligament damage. they couldnt tell because of the swelling. So after the hospital we called president and told him what hapened and everything and he told me i needed to come to the office. so i packed up my bags and we had an emergancy transfer. i have a doctors apt with a profestional this week so we will see how that goes. the doctor at the hospital said it should be 2-3 weeks and i should be good.
So right now i am staying with the secratarys of the mission and all those dudes. there actually so sweet and these last couple days have been fun. i have just been helping them out with whatever they need and studying hahaha.  but there p-days are saturdays so thats why im writing you all today.  I dont want to send pics cuz i know you guys will freak out... but i will because i know if i dont you guys will all be asking about it next week. So​​ got a blessing this morning and honeslty i feel so much better about things. i was really frustrated about this whole thing before today. i was mad at manger. i was wondering why this had to happen. why i had to leave sete de setembro and all of the amazing members there. i was wondering why i had to leave the investagators we had there. i was just really frustrated about it all. but after the blessing i had this morning i feel alot better with things.I know that the power and authority of god is here on the earth and  i feel at peace because i know god has a plan for me. he knows where i need to be and what i need to be doing. and sometimes were not always going to agree with what he has in mind.... we might get frustrated and ask why is this happening to me but we always have to remember that he is our father. he wants the best for us and he knows us better then we know ourselfs. he knows what needs to be done and how to do it and its not always what we think is best for us. He has an eternal espective for us and he knows what will make us better in the long run. So for me... Im excited to see where this adventure goes... I will be honest if the visit with the doctor dosent go as planned i might be coming home for some time until it gets better. I love you all so much and i know what ever happens is for the best.

I just want you guys to know how much i love our brother, jesus christ. this life wouldnt be possible without him. literally nothing would be possible without him. The plan of god and our plan of happiness is through jesus chirst... he took the sins of the world so that we could have an oppurtunity to learn through our mistakes. god knew before this life that we were going to make mistake after mistake and this life was going to be hard and that we needed an example, an older brother to look to when things get tough. I know he lives. and the gospel he established here on this earth is to bless our lifes and for us to be able to know our god, our creator, our father better then we could any other way in this life. we all lived with him in a life before this life and he gave us this opportunity to learn. to make relationships and to grow with one another. Im so thankful for you all because i KNOW that god gave me you all for a reason. . I know i wouldnt be here in brazil, if it wasnt for the example of you guys in my life. God is good and i love our savior. 
Elder Bingham
try not to puke lol...


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