June 25, 2018




Elder Portela


Hello Yall!! this week was literally one of the best weeks yet! we found so many people and we always had a baptism! Guilherme was baptised, joyces little brother but it was not easy. Betania is joyces mom and guilhermes mom and she is living with joyce with right now. she is one of a kind. she literally knows that the gospel is true but she dosent want to change anything about her life. she has depression and always is super down and negative about everything. each BUT one night we went over and just were talking with guilhereme and asked him if he really wanted to be baptised and why and he told us yes and he bore his testimony and it was so amazing! then we told him to tell his mom what he told us and then we went back the next day and she decided to let him be baptised. WAHOOO we were SO excited! now were gonna work with her! we just got to get her to stop smoking and get motived and happy about life haha!
So anderson and Taiti are awesome! we got to teach them about the gospel of jesus chirst and the restoration and the plan of salvation and they literally didnt have questions about anything. they agreed and said they understand why and that it all makes sense. WHAT it was so amazing! they are so ready! so this week we are going to mark a date for the marriage and get this train rollin!
we also found another couple! rosana and felipe! they are super great too! they just moved here this week and they had had the missionaries over one time at their old house but then they moved but we found them and they were so happy! we taught them about the gospel of jesus christ and they loved it! but they are already looking to get married so hopefully we can get a date set for them too!
we started teaching this lady and her name is rose mary. we literally have been to her house so many times and she is never home but we went there friday night and suprisingling she was home! and her friend was there too! we just started talking to them and she already goes to another church. the church universal. which is super big here in brazil!! but it was so cool because we basically taguht a whole lesson just talking to them. so in there church they believe you have to earn the holy ghost. so we were explaining why we need the holy ghost in our lives and why it is a gift from our heavenly father to help us here on the earth. and they both started to cry. the spirit was so strong, it was such a cool lesson!! only problem with them is that they work a ton and dont have a lot of time but i want to keep working and teaching them because they are awesome!! 
so this is the last week before another transfer! i cant beleive how fast this transfer has gone by. i feel like me and portela have been comps forever and he is defiently my favorite comp i have had so far! we have the same goals and want to work and it is honestly so great! i hope i get to stay here at least one more transfer with him here in diadema! 
SO i will tell you guys what happened with our baptism on sunday. so we showed up at the church at 7 oclock to fill up the font and then we went to go and find our investagators at there houses. so we called our ward mission leader to go check on the water and then he told us it was still on the first step and it wasn't running anymore. we were like WHAT the heck?? so we headed back to the church to see what was up and when we got there they said the church had run out of water. WHAT IS THIS HAHAHA! so we were trying to figure out how we were gonna get water in the font and were freaking out. but lucky they had a tap outside of the church with street water. so we filled up a big ole pan of water and had to carry it into the church and put it in the font. it took all of church to fill it all up BUT we still had the baptism hahaha. 12 is when church ended and we finally were all ready for the baptism. we didnt want to wait another week and have betania change her mind again hahaha! but it was such a good day really!
I can't send any pictures today because the WIFI is being dumb! So sorry about that! 



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