June 11, 2018




Elder Portela

Heloo Family

E AI meu Povo?? Como voces estas?!

guys HOW ARE YA?! sounds like your all loving summer!! best time of the year but it always flys by so fast so live it up yall!!

so this week was great! We were talking with joyces mom ( Betania ) and her son ( joyces brother) guilhermy because they live with joyce and Geovane!! and she has been taught by missionaries forever. she met the missionaries like 7 years ago and this week we were asking her about teaching her son and baptising him and she was like ya but what about me?! i want to be baptised too?! WHAT? we literally have had family home evening with her and thats it!! IM SO EXCITED so next week we are gonna be baptising her and her son!! im so pumped!! then we got our friends felipe and marcos that we are teaching... they are 13 and 15 and we have been teaching them this last week! marcos came to church with us on sunday and he loved it!! he is gonna be gone all week on vacation so im pretty sad about that but the week after im pumped to teach him hopefully get him in the water too!! then we have our other friend felipe...

im kind of sad about felipe... we have been working with him forever and he keeps telling us he wants to be baptised... he went 4 days without smoking and then smoked again. so then the next day we went and visited him with one of the return missionaries in the ward. the RM is awesome! and we had a great lesson with him and i thought we finally actually got him. i thought he had finally wanted to change... then we went back last night and his family let us in and he was sleeping. we looked at his desk and he had 2 packs of cigerrets sitting there. so we took them but one of them was already opened... so i dont know what to do with the kid. the weirdest part of this all is the family he is living with are members and they dont help one bit. hes there nephew. its really strange and really frustrating but i think tonight were gonna go talk to him.

BUT this next week is stake conference here and we have one of the 70 coming!! so that should be awesome!! im excited for that! and ALSO today we are doing a video with the whole mission! we got to go to the church next to the secritarys offices haha!! so that should be fun!!

also this week sucked with my toe.... i got my first ingrown toenail. what the freak i didnt know those things hurt so bad. im going to the doctor this week to have it looked at haha!!



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