May 28, 2018




Elder Portela


Hello Gente!!
So this week was awesome!! Oh and another thing my comp is american lol. just kidding but his acsent and everything about him is american its pretty funny! but he is brasilian not mexican.... sorry haha!
But this week was great! we basically are opening the area lol. We dont have a map which makes it that much more interesting! but we found some awesome people! we knocked alot of doors and made a ton of contacts too! one of our investigators last week was having alot  problems with smoking. But this week its been amazing because hes going on 5 days without! His name is Geovani! this dude is awesome! his wife was baptised 2 months ago and she has been trying to get him to get baptised too but really hasnt had much motivation to change! But this week he has toatlly changed! at church he was answering all the questions and baring testimony and i was like what the heck, what happened this is AWESOME! then later that night we went over to there house and starting talking to him and asking him question and he told us he knows he needs to get baptised and he bore his testimony about the atonement and it was so strong! hes going to be baptised this saturday and i am SO excited!
Anyways im doing good here and hope you guys all have fun with no school what the freak! crazy that summer is starting up! Theres alot of riots and stuff going on in brazil right now because of the gas and its pretty crazy! so wish me luck this week lol!
Love you all
Elder Bingo


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