May 21, 2018




Elder Rosa

Hello Mother!

Hello mother!

this week was really different with rosa leaving! it really was pretty sad! honestly i think i realized why its so hard for missionarys to leave and go back to normal life. Right now... in my life i have one purpose. its simple and its beatiful. my purpose is to share the gospel with everybody i can. to help every body i can and bring people unto christ. thats it. our lifes can get crazy but i feel so lucky to have these next 18 months to just focus on this purpose everyday! its really such a short time mom. these next couple months are gonna fly by and im gonna be home and everything will be the same but so different at the same time! I love my mission!

so all and all yes it was SO good to talk to you guys! it was alot different then what i thought it was going to be! weird being on the other side haha! but i really think it helped me more then anything! it was so good to see your faces and hear your voices! it was awesome and we only have to wait 7 more months to do it again! ;)

so the split with bledsoe was awesome! it really was so good to see him and be able to work a little bit with him again! the dude is fluent already! he speaks alot better then i do lol. but it was good! seeing luana was awesoem and she said in a couple weeks she wants to take us to lunch because shes only like 20 min away! so sad thing about this all is that i didnt get to see patrick. we passed by his house but he wasnt home. so we called his friend and his friend didnt answer lol. oh well i know i will see him again sometime!

You guys and your crazy lifes haha! i cant believe brin is going to florida this week! i remember when you were tellilng me before i left that you were gonna let her go lol! but bosto looks like hes literally 18... hes so old. and halle, im glad she is doing good and loving piano. im wishing more then ever that i would of learned how when i was younger. thats one of my goals for when i get home is learn how to play the piano and guitar! i think its so awesome!

i love you mom and thank you for the scripture. loved it so much i put it in my email lol ;) and i cant wait for the package. and WHAT it was bigger then the last one? hahahaha thats awesome!



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