May 7, 2018




Elder Rosa


Hi this is Sommer, thought I would share some things with you this week from Zachs letter! 
He said he ran out of time and asked me to send pictures!  I will send a separate email for that! 
this week was good! our baptsim fell through because the kid had work everyday but he did go to church with us on sunday so thats good!
hopefully we can find some time to teach him this week! 

we also have another family.... joice and geovani!! they are awesome! joice was baptised 2 months ago and we have been working hard to
try and get here husband to be baptised but he smokes and is having a hard time stopping! they have 2 little girls and they are so cute! alot of the pictures i have are with them!

its kind of hard right now honestly because elder rosa is so close to going home. he wants to just go talk and hangout with families in
the ward. he already has a date for his marriage lol. him and his girlfriend left at the same times for mission and shes just been waiting for him at home. pretty crazy. but i did find out some stuff about his life this week. he has 7 little sisters and has
2 little brothers. he is the oldest. when he was 18 his dad and brother died. super sad. he had to start working and providing for his whole family after that! crazy stuff. one thing i love about him is the love he has for the gospel and the spirit i feel
when he teaches! he really is an awesome guy and he wants me to go visit him in fortalaza one day! his city is basically on the beach and is awesome from what it sounds like.

but im doing good and just living life here. we exersice everymorning at 6 oclock at our church! we have a member come workout with us
lol. hes super fit! then after we usually play basketball! super fun! today we got to go to Burger King! sooooooo yummy! its better then mcdonalds here! 

And the FOOD oh my goodness its awesome! yes the fulofa!! i have with every meal! also we had a big bbq this saturday with some of the
members and it was sooooooo yummy. that is one thing brazilians know how to do is bbq! i havent had a banna apple but i heard its the same thing. i have had some weird looking fruit though! i tried this one fruit called kaki and its basically just a really
sweet tomato!


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