April 30, 2018




Elder Rosa



how is my beautiful mother doing this week?! i cant believe i almost have 5 months in the field! and that i get to talk you in just a couple weeks! itll be nice to just talk to you about everthing instead of trying to email lol. i wish i had more time. i really do !! so this ward here is awesome!! they are really into missionary work and try and help us out alot! we have activities every night at the chapel wether its volleyball basketball or soccer! we probably go to the chapel 1 or 2 nights a week and its really fun!

i still havent had to give a talk. just bare my testimony and i havent had to teach any classes! SO groccery shopping is different. brasil is litterally a first world country and they have everything here but its all just so CHEAP its crazy. and my comp made me an avocado smoothie this week and WHAT it was so good!

wahooooooo thanks tax refund!

sooooo its actually been really nice here lately no rain and not really too sunny! just perfect ive been loving it! so sister isabella is from brazil. mina de rice lol. she got trasfered to another area as well. oh and i saw scott this weekend that was fun!

so i know nothing about how mothers day is going to work but im sure i will next week!

THIS IS SO FUNNY!! i im reading in Jáco 5 TAMBÉM! hahahaha it was sooooo confusing in portugues wow but im glad you guys had fun with it lol.

sounds like you guys had a fun week as always! i tlaked to bosto about when i got pants lol. im glad you were able to go to lunch with mike! i bet that was fun! hes awesome! hope everything is good at home and cant wait to talk to you in just a couple weeks!!

love your favorite missionary


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