April 23, 2018




Elder Rosa

Só Mulhéki Doido

So my zone is actually zone Diadema hahaha kind of miss spelled that last week but its all good. The ward is 7 de Setembro, this ward is seriosly so awesome! they have activities literally every night at the chapel! Another thing i love is meeting all these new people and making new freinds... i get a fresh start with everything. one thing that was annoying about the peaople in americanoplis is that when i got there i didnt speak or understand very well. so people wouldnt even try and talk to me and that sucked buuuuuuut now i speak better and understand so i can have conversations with people here in 7 de setembro! This sunday was probably the first sunday where i understood basically everything in all the classes and in sacrament meeting! The language is getting way better!

So our house is SOOOO nice what the heck! you guys can look it up.... the adress is:

thomas edson 158, Diadema, São Paulo

my comp says its probably one of the nicest in the mission! The LZ´s live super close so we are with them all the time. one of them is an american... elder zinn. kid speaks perfect portugues and onlly has 10 months. hes gave me alot of good tips to help me study and it was really werid... we taught our english class on saturday and we both had troubles pornoucing some words! so funny. we were laughing pretty hard!

so another thing is we have a personal trainer here... kind of lol. his name is lopez and hes a member in our ward. he has us wake up at 6 and work out with him. the first day literally killed me hahaha. but it was good for me! i need it!

anyways i think im gonna be staying here for awhile. zinn was telling me after this transfer i will proabbaly be training and district leader WHAT! i was in shick when he told me that but i guess we will just see! me and bledsoe got to have a sleep over night of transfers and that was super nice to catch up with him! Im really happy here and im learning stuff everyday!

Cant wait to talk to yall in 3 weeks! time is still passing super fast its nuts hahaha! Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Bingo ( nobody can pornouce my name so i just say my name is bingo lol)


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