April 9, 2018




Elder Scott


OH MY GOODNESS you guys had such a fun week! makes me so happy! i loved all the pics of good ole st george! makes me excited to live there in a couple months lol. and dad... glad you were able to watch some games in peace lol! you guys are AWESOME!

so about our zone conference! it was super fun and learned so much! president acoasta talked alot about the new prophet and just conference in general! sister acosta basically just thanked everybody for being awesome and it was funny... i think i was talking to scott and she said something about me and everybody was loooking at me but i didnt hear what she said! then everybody started laughing and me and scott laughed and then she said it again and she just said thanks for being happy haha! it was funny!

so transfers this week. scott has been in this area for 7 months so now that im down with training i think hes gonna be leaving me! Hes been an awesome ´´PAI´´ and ive learned literally everything from him! but next monday im pretty sure ill have a new compainion but stay in americanopolis! im excited to see what happens! this week i was the senior companion so in our lessons i would start and i was the one trying to teach haha! i had the phone all week and took all the calls. its so hard to hear on that thing so that was kind of rough but its all good! the other day when me and scott we doing comp study... i was feeling a little down. so me and scott talked and it was such a cool experince! i was just telling him how i want to help people but its just so hard to understand and talk to them still! but then after some good talking and some tears i had one of the best weeks of the mission. ill share those in my group email!

so we are still teaching enny. we found out that to get married she has to go back to nigeria to do some paperwork so were still trying to figure out what to do because thats so much money! she comes to church every week though with her 2 kids wayne and tibita! shes awesome! we also have been teaching carol. we have taguht her all the lessons and she believes everything we have taguht her but she wont go to church. something always happens and she never can make it. then we have joão and jessica too. these 4 are the people we are really focusing on right now! igor is getting baptised this week actually. they had something come up saturday and it didnt happen but it will this week.

so the work everyday. we make contacts in the street because literally there is always so many people in the street! we bater portas which is knocking doors but we either yell or clap and thats really fun! we probably talk to 20 or so people a day! its so fun! the hardest part about contacts is understanding what street they live on lol. but the work is honestly so fun i love it! the bugs here are crazy. im not gonna lie i wake up with new bug bites evryday but its all good. its just normal here. all the other americans have them too. my bag mom is perfect. i carry around a book of mormon and pamphlets and some water thats it! and not to get your guys hopes up or anything bug i think my release date will be around the 12 of november 2019! its soooooo far away but ill be home before thanksgiving which will be fun!

well i love you all and hope everything is great at home! cant believe baseball is starting and the jazz are doing so good lol! honestly the language is still the hardest thing. but i defielty im still seeing blessings! i love you guys so much and FINISH THE SCHOOL YEAR STRONG AND THEN YOU GUYS HAVE SUMMER WAHOOOOOO!

love elder Bingham


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