April 9, 2018




Elder Scott


So CORITHENS won last night and for you guys who dont know thats kind of a big deal. its the soccer team of São Paulo and when they play the city shuts down and the partys start up! after the game it was insane.. everybody was yelling VAI CORITHENS and the fire trucks were going up and down the streets with there sirens and the fireworks. so many fireworks! crazy is an understatemant. so we were passing on of the bars on our way home last night and one of the guys looked at me and said ´´ OI ALEMON, VAI CORITHENS´´ so i yelled it back and he ran over and gave me a big ole hug. he was soooo drunk but it was awesome haha!
this week was great! we had zone conference and its always good to see everybody! its crazy how fast you make friends and how you feel like you have known these guys your whole life! its awesome! but this saturday i had a cool experince... we were heading to lunch and on our way we were passing by the street of our investagator. her name is jessica and taught her last week but we tried to visit her everyday day this week and she was either busy or not home. so saturday when we were passing her street im like lets try one more time. so we did and she was home, and she wasnt busy! so we got to teach her and it was great! we invited her to come to church and she came! 
i also had the oportunity to give a blessing IN PORTUGUES after church on sunday. it was crazy and im not sure what i said exactly  but i could feel the spirit so strong. it was an awesome experince and i know it wasnt me speaking but it was the holy ghost. 
im so grateful for the holy ghost in my life and especially here on my mission. its so powerful and when you act on the feeling you get good things always happen. i challenge you all to try and hear that still small voice this week and act on the first promting. i know blessings will come if you do this.
i love you all and pray for you! i hope you alll have a great week!
2 nephi 32: 1-5


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