March 19, 2018




Elder Scott



first off i want to tell you sorry about last week! it was super weird for some reason and i felt stressed and im not sure really why i didnt email you! wont happen again! promise! oh im really confused why everybody said i didnt send an email last week? i did but it was just short lol.

so today has been fun! we had a churrasco this morning (bbq) and some TRAINING WAHOOO! but it was really good! Im really starting to understand more and so it makes training alot better lol. i had to get up there today and share my 5 points from the white bible lol. pretty fun hahaha. but MOM PARABENS on being called as a relief society teacher! i know that it will be hard but its gonna be awesome! Your gonna do great! How did your first lesson go?

OMG you guys were in st geroge thats so fun! i love that place! sounds like it was a fun weekend all in all! that video of bosto and you was AWESOME earlier this week! cant believe that dude has braces now what the heck. do you think he will have them on when i get home?

so next week we are actually filming a video for the mission! my comp is singing and your just gonna have to wait and see what im doing in the video lol. but i will be at the mission office next week so i will check and see if its really there! that would be INSANE if it really is! Im so excited for it lol! and i dont know an elder miskin i dont think but i guess one of the kids in the mission is cousins with josh? im not really sure but elder tarbet told me that cuz i guess hes cousins with him! super crazy! oh and the mission home is like 20 min away on a bus. Jabaqada is the area im in right now. im sure you could look it up and see some pics of where im living!

so i wear my retainers. i wear my contacts everyday because when its hot my glasses slide off my head with my sweat lol. yes ive had to cut my toenails a couple times and my feet are good! really! oh and another thing you might be sad about. because of the training this morning we didnt know if we were going to have time to email today so i didnt bring anything for pictures or MOM DETAILS IM SO SORRY!

Mom i love and miss you so much! i hope everything is good at home! haha and i hope jersey gets pregnant soon! i cant wait to get pics of the cute little pups hehe! Everything is going good here. the portugues and the lessons get better everyday and i can see the mircles in my life! i want you guys to start reading the book of morman together everyday. it doesnt have to be alot but my testimony of that book has grown SO much and i know you guys will be blessed if you read it. i know life is crazy and you guys are all super busy but if you will take just 5 or 10 minutes out of your day to read that book you guys will be blessed i know it! i want the best for you guys and i love you so much mom! if you ever need anything or have any questions please come to me. ill always be here. might take me a week to respond lol but i will always be here!




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