January 29, 2018




Elder Scott


guys this week has been crazy! so im going to start after i got my compainion because that was something else. we had to take my 3 bags through the streets 2 different busses and then an uber haha! My house is actually pretty big witch is super nice! its not the nicest but compared to the rest of the area its pretty nice! my companion is super cool and we get along well. its hard sometimes though becuase its kind of just like a big game of sharadds all the time lol. Hes a cool guy though and hes from the northwest part of brazil and he talks with a little bit of an accent! guys the streets are crazy. everybody is always either drinking smoking and i smell weed like all day long HA! the hills are like the big hill in lehi but like that everywhere i go. its been overcast lately so that has been nice but its just starting to warm up here i guess so im in for a treat!

My portuegeuse is already improved so much since ive been here! Elder scott is really good at involving me in the lessons and contacts witch is good but really hard at the same time lol.I kind of just follow him around like a lost puppy because he tells me where we are going but i dont really understand him lol. THE FOOD HERE IS SO GOOD. everything is better and we always go to this one memebers house. She is a brazilian jujistsu fighter and she makes the BEST drinks ever!

we had a baptisim on sunday and it was awesome! I didnt ever get to teach Maria ( the old lady we baptised ) but it was super cool to be apart of! we went over to there house for some lunch after and it was such a good time! one of the kids speaks a little english so me him and elder scott were cracking jokes the whole time! It was so fun!

Oh ya and thats another thing. the only meal brazilians belive in is almoco (lunch). we get fed everyday by a member for lunch but then this whole week i didnt have breakfast ( desejum ) or dinner (jantar ) just little snacks at night. Im buying breakfast for this week after this though lol. Oh i forgot to tell you guys that the brazilian fingure snapping is a real thing and i think thats why i was so good at it before i left. its so fun! whenever anything is funny or awkward everybody just starts doing it or when you get excited! all of the houses here have gates so we either have to yell for the person or clap lol.

Guys i cant do hangouts anymore and i only have 1.30 to email you everyweek im so sorry! its going to be hard but the blessing will be worth it!
I love you and i love the field so much! its hard... like really hard right now because everybody speaks so fast and i barely understand anything but the members are so nice and so good to the elders its amazing!

Mom that lady that sent you the message is So cool! she has her little daughter and thats it! shes a memeber and she was the one who thought to text you lol. Im glad you guys are all feeling better this week and arent sick anymore! that sounded like it was no fun!

HAVE SUCH A GREAT WEEK! I MISS YOU ALL AND PRAY FOR YOU EVERYDAY! I know this is gods work and im so happy here! Look for little blessing in your everyday life because they are there!


Elder Bingham


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