January 29, 2018




Elder Scott

Brasil is whack


What a week. Being in the ctm for 6 weeks i was like oh ya i know what brasil is like. Man was i wrong hahahaha! We showed up this last tuesday at the mission home in this huge apartment building on like the 10th floor and the president of my mission ( President Acosta) Come out and started talking mad fast and i could hardley understand him lol. Lucky there were a couple american kids that translated for us haha. Then i had the interview with him and he knows almost no english at all so that was fun. After this we ate some good ole brasilian food and headed to the church for a little devotinal! little did i know that all the trainors and kids from the mission were all going to be there! we walked through the door and all of a sudden all of this screaming and yelling started happening and i was so confused. It was so awesome though and i felt so welcomed! Then after president talked to all of us the room started going crazy again and i was so confused again. He started reading off the trainers and there new compainons!

My compainion is elder scott. He is brazilian ( even though it dosent sound like it lol) and speaks a little bit of english which is super nice and hes already helped me so much! My first area is AMERICANOPILIS and this place is crazy. Its one of the more poor areas in the mission and theres a ton of Favelas. The first night we got there we went contacting and went to a members house. The Members were so nice and so humble and i got to share my little testimony with them in my broken portueguese. It was such an amazing experince and really made me real welcome! The rest of the week is kind of a blur. i have never walked up and down so many hills in my life! Everynight theres a bunch of different groups of people that are just playing music and dancing and banging on there drums haha. I guess there practicing for carnival in a couple weeks! Now thats going to be crazy haha!

I love it here and even though its super hard right now i know it will get better and with god anything is possible. Even me speaking portuguese! I love you all and hope you have a great week! God Speed!


Elder Bingham


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