January 17, 2018




Elder Bledsoe

Final Countdown

HELLO everybody! Hope everybody had a great week! It was a crazy week here at the ctm. Our ctm presidents last day was on sunday so we had a big devotional for him. President Grahl is such a good dude and im gonna miss him alot! The new ctm president is pretty cool guy though too! he had his devotional last night! Haha wont be spending too much time with him though because i LEAVE next week!! so crazy feels like i have been here forever but at the same time not really haha. Im pumped to get out in the field though! its going to be great even though i dont know portuguese lol.

We also had the Russel M Nelson message to the church yesterday and it was great! I loved president Monson and everything he did for the church! Hes really such a great of example of how to serve with a happy heart! I really liked what President Nelson had to say and it was really cool to see them answer the question while they got interviewed! super cool!

Last saturday was our last time prosilting at the ctm haha. Me and my Comp ( Elder Bledsoe) only got one contact but we talked to lots of people! We talked to this guy from peru and it was crazy because he was speaking all spanish and we could both understand him! Then we also talked this guy on the side of the road. he called us over and just started saying how gratefull he is for the church in his life! super neat!

Well guys this is it fro the ctm. i have no idea when i will have p day again but i would love to hear from you all! Hope you all doing So good! love and miss you all!

Alma 26:12

Elder Bingham


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