January 10, 2018




Elder Bledsoe

Another Week

Hello everybody!! another great week in the mtc. No fights this week though which is kinda a bummer lol. We had 99 new missionaries come last week so its crazy busy. our brazilian roomates left this last week and i miss them so much!! one dude was litterally the happiest guy ive ever met. he would wake up every moring singing BOM DIA (Good Morning) haahaha it was so awesome!
Its so crazy all of the brazilian kids ive met because ive been here for so long. i was talking to one of the new guys yesterday and he lives in my mission! he was telling me that theres a ton of gangs and that they hate americans so that should be fun lol. pretty sure he was messing with me though cuz he was dying laughing the whole time. Oh and all of the other utah homies left this monday so that sucked too!

This morning we woke up to go the temple at 5;30 like usually and we got all ready ate breakfeast and got on the bus and as soon as we were about to leave one of the tires went BOOM! aLL of us fat americans popped the tire. so we didnt get to go to the temple this morning which was a bummer but i did get to go back in the room and take a 3 hour nap so that was pretty okay haha!

Last week on pday i was out on the streets and had some trash i wanted to throw away so i asked one of the kids in my district what the word for trash was and he said it was... Basura. so i went into this store just yelling BASURA BASURA and they looked at me like i was crazy and i was like what the heck. so then i told him them and i guess the actual word is Onde esta o lixo soooooo i was just a little bit off. Basura means sweep so thats awesome....

Fast and testimony meeting was AMAZING this week. It was so cool and the spirit was so strong all day long. the actual testimony meeting was amazing. People got up and bore there testimony and not gonna lie i got a lil teary eyed. Its so amazing to be around so many kids your same age in the same boat you are. Its super comforting to know your not the only one struggling with the language haha. Its crazy. i leave in a week and a half and i still feel like i know nothing which is kinda of scary but ive heard you pick it up a lot faster in the field! As i was teaching one of our investigators this week it was so crazy. i understood almost everything he said and i was able to pick some of the right words togther and made it sound okay and i could feel the spirit So strong. it was so Awesome!

Well i hope everybody had a great week this week! I miss you all and pray for you everyday!
perfect love cast out all fear.


Elder Bingham


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