January 3, 2018




Elder Bledsoe

Fight Night

Hello everybody! I hope everybody had such a great week with new years and christmas! it was insane here in brazil! so many fireworks and lots of ice cream lol. The mtc is getting better and better and i feel like im starting to get more used to my new life haha. My district is so crazy hahahahah. one dude is from orem and he reminds me so much of like devin and corey! hes so funny! my companion is from illions and hes one of the biggest chillers here! hes about 6´5 and had to keep me in line hahaha! the rest of the dudes are just random guys... like literally the most opposite personalities you could ever imagine. 2 of the kids in our district got in a fight and had to go talk to the pres. but everythings good now haha!

The portuguese is defiently still pretty difficult but we got to go prosiliting last saturday and that was such a cool experince. It was so scary at first just walking around this huge city with a bunch of people that i could barely speak there langugage haha. At first i just said hi to everybody but didnt really know how to start the conversation but i finally just went for it and this got i talked to has family that lives in colorado and they love the missionarys! so i got his info and it was such a neat experince! I also got denied alot though too hahahaha. still fun to go out and actually feel like a missionary though!

The mtc is crazy. the schdule is insane and every single class is in portuguese and at first was really hard but every day it gets better and im starting to really enjoy it here! I love you all and miss you so much. We had President Silva the temple president come speak to us last night and he shared some of the feelings he had when he was a missionary and let us all know that we are normal haha. One thing he said that really stuck out to me is ´´ The most beautiful moments in life arent always easy.´´ This is defeintly the hardest thing i have ever done in my life but i know this is where i am suppose to be! I love the Brazilians SO much already and i know there was a reason i was called to brazil! i hope you guys have such a great week!

Elder bingham

Ps ( sorry everybody who has emailed me and i havent responded i dont have alot of time on the computer but i still love you dont worry. also no pics till i get to the field)


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