December 27, 2017




Elder Bledsoe


Hello everybody! sorry about last weeks email being so short... i had no idea what i was doing lol!I think im finally starting to get used to it here though! Portugues,portugues,portgues... what is this. literally every single lessons sense ive got here has been in portugues and the first couple days it was really frustrating but everyday since ive been here i feel like ive picked up just a little bit more! The gift of tounges is real, holy cow! theres now way i would know what i know now without my heavenly father. Besisdes that the ctm is basically on look down 25/8. theres bars on all the windows and it literally feels like im in a prison sometimes haha! Its SO hot here as well. the humidity is crazy! It also rain probably at least once a day as well! hahaha the craziest thing here though is defiently the trafic! we went to the temple this morning and driving there is physcotic! bikers... they are crazy! Ive never seen a city like Sao paulo!!

I hope everybody had such a great chritmas! Christmas in the CTM was different for sure.Here in brazil on christmas they do fireworks and parades and all the brazilian kids told me this so i had to stay up and watch them of course! It was so crazy and so fun... you guys should try it out next year ;) It didnt really feel too much like christmas though. It was also about 80 degrees with humidity. First off the spirit in the ctm is so amazing and being able to spend christmas here was truley a blessing! we had a christmas devotional elder anderson of the 12 spoke to us and one thing that he said that really stuck out was that ´´ Christ was here before. He is here now and he is with us forever.´´ How COOL is that! dont you guys ever forget that he is there for you no matter how big or small your question or problem might be. he is always there for you! I love you all and hope you guys all have a great new years!


Elder Bingham

Ps. hopefully i can get pictures to work next week!


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