January 31, 2017


Alma Fuerte


Elder Crotts

Changes in the mission, The work still goes on!

This week has brought quite a few changes since the last one. Of the which there has been new changes in our hours, the way we work a little bit, and everthing has got mixed up for me! So yeah, im a little mixed since we have got all these changes, but we just got an email from president to clear things up for us. But more than that, what have had some disapointments, some unfortunate fallthroughs, but also some extra tender mercys! all in the letter to come!

So yeah, we had a giant worldwide conference on wednesday, and though there wasnt much as far as the work talked about, (like, they talked a lot about the worldwide conference that they did last year) but the biggest changes were of the hour changes and all that. So now we have an extra hour or so to get ready for the day. studys, planning, all in the morning so that we can just get back home and not worry about anything as we return home. I am alright with it! At the same time though, they are going to take out the siesta for us... which im a bit sad about... but ill get over it :)

I know that I talked last week about a family that we found that was awesome and everything! yeah, at first it was like that... so we sent them a mesage figuring out when we could go by again, and it turns out that they just let us in jsut to be nice to us and didnt really want anything with what we had to teach... but anyways, we found a difierent family instead! So this other family is called the Familia Mesa. They are a recently married couple, the husband is physically disabled, they want to start a family, and they need Gods help so that they can achieve it! so we are going to help them with all that. They are a much better family in my opinion :)

We did some service on saturday for a guy that we are going to try teaching in the near future. Miguel is a reference from a family in our rama, and he is solo, works all day, and his grass really needed to be cut. So we, with the member, we helped him out! though we couldnt talk with him much, I saw that he was touched by the service that we did for him.

More than anything, we have doing our best to find new people to teach and to keep ourselves busy all the time, but in a small town, there isnt too much to do! Slowly but surely we will find more and more people to teach!

Love you all and hope that you have a good week!


Elder Z


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