October 25, 2016


Parque Liceo


Elder Huebsch

same old area, brand new comp!

As the subject of this email so indicates, trasfers have come, and I am staying here in parque liceo. So, I did get a new comp, though, he isnt so brand new.... He actually has my time! Im co compañeros again! My comps name is elder Amaseo, and though he has his ancestry in tonga, he is from anaheim california, right next to disneyland! I didnt know him too well in the mtc, but he is a pretty cool guy from what I know. We were with the zone this p day doing stuff, so, we havent had too much time to get to know eachother. More info next week on him :)

As far as the week went, we unfortuatly had to drop some investigators, but at the same time, we had some new ones come up and we have some people that are starting to progress! One girl that we found last week went to chruch with us, her name is Lucia, and she is super excited to learn about the gospel. She went to church and all the members greeted her, gave her a book of mormon, and by the end of the meetings, she said that she absolutly loved it! The only problem is that she has a bit of a mental disorder that we can see, but it shouldnt impead her from progressing.

we did a lot of saying goodbye to member for elder huebcsh during the week, so we didnt have too much progress during the week. We did get to have an asado, which is a argintine bbq, but it is so much better than a bbq! we also helped some recent converts move to another house (luckly INSIDE our area boundry) and that was pretty fun, a bunch of other eldrs came to help us out.

More than that though... there wasnt too much that happened. Im sure that next week ill have more to tell you all! I do just want to say, how much easier it is when we simply decide to be obedient to God and to the things that he has given us to do. If we would stop fighting against the commandments, and the little things he tells us we should do, he will bless us more that we can hope to imagine, and more sine that we will be happier to be obedient! Dont make excuses to do the right thing!

love you all!


Elder Z


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