August 30, 2016


Cordoba, Argentina


Elder Leon

Fruit Salad

When I first got here on the mission, I expected to be able to do everything asked of me, and to be able to do it well enough to be excepted with my work. As The Lord has chaistened me, little by little, i keep learning, and learning, and I look back on how I was when I started. Being a trainer has made me think about it, how much someone can grow when they choose to admit that they arent perfect. The Lord keeps giving me more and more ways to grow, more and more ways to be a better example, missionary, and disciple in the future. Let the lord help you grow and learn! He knows what is best for you!

I guess this week was pretty standard. Unfortunatly we didnt have any investigators in church this week. Although, there was a family, where the mom isnt a member and she came to church with her family, but they live in a different area (actually the one right next to us...) and so we arent the ones that are supposed to teach them, unless we work something out with the elders from the other area. All the investigators that we have been working with havent really been progressing. We set a lot of lessons up with them, and things kept coming up and we wernt able to do much for them. But we will put some better work in this week and get some progress with someone.

you may see in the pictures this week that our appartment was turned into quite the mess. We were playing soccer with the ward on friday when the elders from the area below us came to look for baptismal clothes. We gave them the key to our appartment and let them go look for them. As we continued playing, we wondered, why on earth they were taking so long to get back with our key. after 30 minutes, they came back, gave us the key, and left. We entered the appartment to find they had turned the place upsidedown... it was pretty funny.

As far as the rest of the week, pretty boring. not much happened. We are planning this next week to talk to a lot more people, so that we have more things to do! As a result of focusing on the people that we were working with, we havent had too many new people to work with. So, hopefully, working our shoes off will pay off!

Miss you all! hope that you have a good week!


Elder Z


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