April 19, 2016


Cruz Del Eje


Elder Tidbal

Its cold.... Finally!

First I do want to apoligize for not writing yesterday! we went fishing in another city in our zone, so, that was really fun, but we did get home later than we should have, and we had citas later night. So now I am here, and now I get to tell you all how mildly cold the week was!

It was pretty chilly this past week (maybe one or 2 days without cloudcover, rain, or wind) just another sign I hope that winter is almost here in argentina!
Oh! and I am 9 months a missionary! I almost didnt realize it last friday, but yeah! im getting close to a year. at least I dont have to worry about the language anymore.

But the week in general wasnt that great. As it turns out, argentines do not like the cold at all! that and i feel that we didnt plan all that great this week day to day. Just going through the motions this week, but this week will be better!

Tuesday though, we had intercambios with some of the elders in Chamical, and after a meeting with our new ward mission lider (he just got back from his mission in brazil a couple days ago) we worked a little while around our pension. We didnt have much success, though we planned for a lot of people.

Wednesday didnt see much success either, but we did find some new people that we could visit.

thursday we only had time to visit two people (since the first lesson lasted a good 2 hours) we did do some service for an investigator in the morning, and that seemed to go pretty well. In the afternoon after lunch, our lesson with this investigator was pretty tough. This guy is pretty hard headed and doesnt take much to our teaching, but says he wants to learn, but we will see where he goes this next week. after that we taught a lesson to a 8 year old kid in a members family that will be baptized this week on friday!

Friday we did have a better day. We met a cool girl from a member in the morning that we have a cita with her today (hopefully). after weekly planning, we kept working in the same area, met some more people that we could visit, and then ended the day teaching Mariana and Isabel, which went very well. Isabel will be baptized at the end of this week, and then mariana hopfully soon too.

Saturday, was another really cold and windy day, and so, things didnt workout quite as we planned and we didnt get to teach.

Sunday after church, (mariana came to church :) ) we only had time to visit a couple people, but a lot fell through too. we may have to drop a family that we have been working with for a while, which will be sad, but, I hope not.

But that was the week, yeah yesterday we spent the day in another city (a tourist city) with the elders there, and I bought a jacket and slippers made of llama wool i think, either way they are super comfortable!

I hope everyone is doing well! thanks for all your prayers for me!


Elder Z


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