January 11, 2016


Cruz Del Eje


Elder Pryor

We lived in a hotel for a week! (still living in an hotel...)

Well, what a week. It isnt that I am super exhausted from working, or that we couldnt work all week- it is more that we were pretty inefficent (what do you expect from having to live in a cramped hotel room all week??) that and we were sick for a day, we cant cook anything, it is pretty frustrating. On the brightside, we had a baptism!! ill get to that later :)

Starting with last monday night, after writing.

So, directly after we finished writing our weekly e mails, we got a call from the elder in charge of all the appartments that the mission owns, and he told us at 8 we needed to have all of our things out of the appartment and we needed to be out! it was about 6 when we got the call... So we spent the rest of the day packing and moving everything (with some help luckly) till about 11 at night. Thus the first day at the hotel.

Tuesday started with free breakfast! (pretty much the whole week, so that is an upside of the week!) but after we had lunch, and planned for the day, we went to visit a ton of people with a member. We got a text from a member to visit them later in the day, so we didnt get back until late that day too.

Wednesday we couldnt do anything! well, I got a cold, and Elder pryors body completely hurt, so, we went to the hospital after lunch, waited to get in for a good 3 hours, and then Elder Pryor decided he needed to go to sleep the rest of the day...

Thrusday I got to meet a less active member that we had been visiting before I got here, and we tried to visit a few people from there. I decided on thrusday that I was starting to get tierd of living in an hotel.

Friday we traveled to a different area to help the hermanas in their area called La Falda to find new investigators. So we had some meetings there, had pizza for lunch, went searching for news, and then went to their chapel to have a open house! I guess it was a success for them, the entire zone went, so yeah, I do hope someone that we found was really interested!

Saturday, well starting with friday night, Dos Santos and Pryor had to head back to Cruz del eje to do some baptismal interviews. At the same time, we had someone who was ready for their interview, but We really hadnt taught him yet. But we got a call from them while we were waiting at the bus terminal, and got the news that we had a baptism the next day! I was super suprised, and super excited! (that makes 13 now :) ) but yeah, we had the baptism for this boy nicknamed pancho in the morning, and then after lunch, we went back to work, and we actually found some people to teach walking around!

Sunday was pretty cool since a lot more people went to church than last week, and also I got to meet some other members. Not much else happened sunday since we also helped the other elders with their baptism.

But that was this week. I feel kinda fustrated with the week, since so much time was used inefficently. But this week I will change that And try to work a lot harder, efficently, keep my focus right? A lot of my thoughts were turned to how this is the true chruch of God, and that I know that. Over the last couple of months I have met people of other faith that are happy, they feel they are in the right place, they may even have had spiritual experiences in their churches, but at the same time, I always ask myself, Do they have a witness that their chruch is true? I know, and God knows, that this is the true chruch of God because he has witnessed it to me. Anyone who ever feels that the church isnt true, in turn are denying that testimony that they have received, or they havent had the faith to recieve one. This church is a Church of Faith and Action. Without the two, the church couldnt stand. If we have recieved a testimony, there is no reason why we cannot have faith and that we cannot make the means to act. in this way our faith will never falter and our witnesses will stand.

I love and miss you all, and I hope that God is blessing you as your faith is exherted during trials and during times of plenty. You all are in my prayers! till next week!


Elder Z


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