November 23, 2020


Homewood, AL


Steve Bennett

Clunky questions GONE RIGHT

Olá amigos e família!!!I hope y'all are doing well! We had another pretty busy week. It started started with us hyping up everybody we came in contact with about President Nelson's message! We invited everybody to watch it and it was SOOO NEEDED! Gratitude is sooo contagious and truly makes the bad times seem sooo much easier! I think everybody can relate to his message and this is the hope and healing that everybody needs. If you haven't watched the his message yet, please go watch it! It is a MUST!
We had a really cool miracle this week that I would like to share with y'all! This miracle happened during a Come Follow Me lesson with a guy who is returning to the Church. We started the lesson off with a prayer and read a couple scriptures. Then, I started to ask an inspired question that we had planned on asking, when all the sudden I completely blanked! I proceeded to butcher the question and I'm not even sure what I said haha it was that bad. In my mind it was such a disaster! I started to think about how awful it was and how he would never feel the Spirit if I kept messing up questions like that. While I was thinking this, he answered and so did my companion. I then looked over at him to find him crying and totally overcome by the Spirit. The Spirit then hit each of us so strongly! He told us that he hadn't felt the Spirit this strong in a long time! I sat there in disbelief at how my awful question had turned into this crazy spiritual experience for him and us as well. It was so powerful!
I learned 2 things from this experience. First off, I learned that the Spirit is the real teacher. The other thing I learned and recognized was that the Spirit worked through me despite my weaknesses and imperfections. The Spirit works in many different ways and although we are not the perfect teachers, the Spirit testifies to others that the message of Jesus Christ's Church is perfect. I'm so thankful for moments like these and I know that these moments are truly what you live for on the mission!
I love y'all! Have a wonderful blessed week!
Love, Elder Moffat 
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