November 9, 2020


Homewood, AL


Steve Bennett

My bruthas

Olá amigos e família!!!We had another crazy, busy week! Our area is loaded with a lot of people in our teaching pool, and on top of that I help my comp a lot with his Zone Leader responsibilities, so both of those just add to the busyness. We are having such a great time though and seeing so many wonderful miracles! I'm so thankful for the opportunity we have to exhaust ourselves in the efforts of the Lord. There isn't a better feeling than that!
One of the cool things we did this past week was help out with voting! One of the church buildings nearby hosted as a voting center this past Tuesday. They asked us and a few other missionaries to spend from 6am-8pm greeting and ushering those coming to vote. Although it sounds pretty boring and long, it was so much fun!

I got put in charge of escorting the older and disabled people to the front of the line and it was so much fun! It made my day to see them smile and see how thankful each of them were each time we helped out!

We, as missionaries, were able to have in-person contact and conversations with almost 3,000 different people! We couldn't really have Gospel conversations with the people, but we were able to give out so many pass-along cards and pamphlets! I feel like it really opened their eyes to the Church and definitely planted a lot of seeds!
Yesterday, we had 7 friends attend church!!! We've recently been teaching a group of dudes and they have been progressing quite a bit. We have become so close with each of them that they always call us their "bruthas" haha. We had a lesson with them this week and one of their friends started bashing us, but they all then stood up for us and even ignored their other friend! Anyways, we decided to invite them to church yesterday and they all came! I cannot describe how excited me and Elder Bennett got when we saw them come through the church doors!! There is really so much joy that comes from sharing the Gospel. As I realize more and more how happy living the Gospel makes me, I find myself wanting to share this happiness more and more with others. I want each of you to take a step back this week and look at the lasting happiness you have felt in your life as a whole. I can guarantee you that those moments when you have felt the happiest in your life will be the moments where you have been living the Gospel.
Happiness is centered in the Gospel! I love y'all and have a wonderful blessed week!
Love, Elder Moffat
Pics:- The CREW at CHURCH!!- New room decoration we got from voting day- Dropped off a BOM with our number in it at one of the community libraries down the street (miracle in the making haha)- Beautiful Birmingham skyline sunset- Moved a piano- The voting lineup!


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