November 2, 2020


Homewood, AL


Steve Bennett

Church POPPIN OFF both night and day!

Olá amigos e família!!!Not gonna lie, this week was absolutely INSANE!!! It started off with hurricane Zeta passing through and the whole mission going on lockdown! My apartment in Inverness was on the 2nd floor and so we ended up staying the night in the church building due to tornado hazard!! Our trio and a couple other Elders stayed the night there until the storm had passed over and we played soooo much basketball at night and for our morning exercise. Then, we didn't have power for almost the whole next day! Anyways, CRAZY way to start the week!!
Our transfers were delayed to friday AGAIN due to the hurricane. It's so crazy because this is the second time in a row that a hurricane hit and delayed transfers!! We had 35 new missionaries fly into the mission as well, so they were kinda just hanging out and watching movies for a couple days. We then had transfers and I moved into my new area of Vestavia Hills! My new area right next my old area, but it has more of downtown Birmingham. Our area has some super nice parts to it, but we also have some sketchy parts of Birmingham in our area, so we've gotta be a little careful about that. The ward has been great so far! I've only met a few of the families in the ward so far, but I'm stoked to help and work alongside all of them! We are teaching quite a few people and I'm really looking forward to this next transfer!!
A miracle we had this week was that we had 6 of the friends we are teaching come to church!!! It was such a miracle because when we first invited them all to come to church, they all said maybe and weren't that thrilled, but they all showed up! The ward was SOOO STOKED about having so many visitors!! We've got a lot of work going forward with each of the people we are teaching, so we are gonna be super busy. It has been so cool to see the truthfulness of the Church light up each of their lives so far as they have progressed, and I've only been here a week!! The Church has given me so much joy and happiness in my life. Sharing this joy and happiness with others as a missionary has truly been one of my favorite things! Look for the joy and happiness the Church has given you in your life!!
I love y'all! Have a blessed week!
Love, Elder Moffat
Pics:- Hurricane cleanup around the neighborhood!- The overnight setup at the church- No power for a day- A beautiful Bama sunset- The last English class I'll be at :(  


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