October 19, 2020


Iverness, AL, USA


Duncan Hickman

The $50 bill

Olá amigos e família!!!This week was CRAZYYY busy! We packed it full with tons of spiritual lessons, chaotic lessons, member dinners, Portuguese work, exchanges, facebook work, and phone calls. It was so much fun! It felt like time literally FLEW by! 
This week I actually had a really cool experience that happened that I'd like to share with y'all. It all started this week when we went on exchanges. An exchange is when you switch companions for a day and go to a different area. For this exchange, I went to the neighborhooding area with Elder Brown and Elder Elwood. 
During the exchange, we got a call about this couple that was going through a very tough time and needed some help. The wife has stage 3 cervical cancer and their car had been stolen the day before. They had then tried to buy a new car and were scammed. They had spent the rest of their money on treatments and had lost their home during this process, so they were staying in a hotel and wouldn't have a place to live in 2 days. We gave them a call, comforted them, and sent them the Bishop's number. The last request they had was for any food we could give them. As they asked us this over the phone, I immediately felt the Spirit confirm to me to use the $50 bill my neighbor had previously given me to help anyone I encounter that needs it on my mission. It was such a strong impression that I knew I needed to act on. We used the money and bought them quite a bit of Chick-fil-a and other food items as well. We dropped it off at their hotel and talked to them for quite a bit. The man joined the church 4 years ago and his wife is really interested in being baptized. We talked with them for a while and we could feel of the sincere desire his wife has to join the Church. They shared how tough these times have been for them and how he, especially this past week, has been praying so hard for any help he can get from God. I had the opportunity to testify to them that God truly hears and answers their prayers. They both broke into tears as I described the Spirit that hit me as I recognized their need and remembered the $50 that I had been given. It was such a special experience!
The power of prayer and the overwhelming influence of the Spirit I felt that day was something I will never forget. This was also such a special experience because it all happened on exchanges! We weren't even supposed to be in that area, but God knew!!! I know that as we truly strive to feel the Spirit in our lives, God will use us to minister to those in need.
I love this Church with all my heart. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, and all that He has done for me. I love being a missionary and ministering like He would.
Love y'all! Have a blessed week!
Elder Moffat
Pics:- English class!!- The Elders with the VULCAN- Homemade pizza with the ironing board table hahah- FEASTING (physically and spiritually)- Behind the scenes of a zoom call english class with the Elders


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