October 12, 2020


Iverness, AL, USA


Duncan Hickman

Hurricane Chaos!!

Olá amigos e família!!!This week was pretty solid! At the start of the week, we were expecting Hurricane Delta to SMACK the bottom half of Alabama again. However, throughout the week the Hurricane shifted west away from Alabama, so we didn't have to worry about getting hit by the heart of the storm.
On Saturday, we got a text from our mission president saying that there were tornado and flash flood warnings in the Birmingham area and told us that we couldn't leave the apartment for the day! It was my first little sample of being straight up quarantined as a missionary! We didn't see any tornadoes or anything crazy like that, but it rained A TON!! It downpoured for about 6 hours straight! It worked out though because we were able to catch up on all the General Conference that we missed last week due to hurricane cleanup! 
This week we were able to teach quite a few lessons and we've been pretty excited about the progress we seen with each of those we are teaching. My portuguese is coming along pretty well, and it's been exciting to hear about some of the Portugal visas starting to process for other missionaries! It'll still probably be quite a while before I get my visa, but I'm really enjoying my time here in Bama serving the Lord!
My spiritual thought this week came as we were catching up on our General Conference watching. I really loved the talk that Sister Craig gave about seeing other through the eyes of God. This talk was so powerful because if we try to see other through the eyes of God, we will develop such a strong understanding and love for every single person we come in contact with. I made this a goal of mine this past week and I recognized my love for others and caring for their well-being grow so strongly in my heart. We are all children of a loving Heavenly Father and when we see others and care for them with that in mind, it will make a difference in our personal happiness!
I love y'all so much! Have a blessed week and try to see others through the eyes of God!
Love, Elder Moffat 
Pics:- Me and my man Elder Cowley on exchanges!- Beautiful Birmingham Skyline- We helped moved out one of the missionary couples! Sad to see such studs leave :(- Beautiful Bama Sunset- A huge world fair statue we went to for pday!


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