October 5, 2020


Iverness, AL, USA


Duncan Hickman


Olá amigos e família!!!
This week was honestly one of the BEST that I've had so far! They decided to call the BIG GUNS in to come down south and help out with the Hurricane Sally cleanup! Our zone and a couple others drove to Pensacola, Florida and helped out this past weekend. We were all so pumped to get this opportunity to serve the people who had their life rocked by Hurricane Sally!! Also, we got the yellow hurricane cleanup shirts!!
Hurricane cleanup for us consisted of a lot of clearing debris, broken trees, and fixing fences. As missionaries, we weren't allowed to operate the chainsaws or any power tools, so we worked alongside members who operated those. The Church is super well organized when it comes to disaster cleanup and I was honestly quite amazed by how efficient they were. They had us create a work crew of 10 people, members and missionaries, and then these crews would go from house to house helping people out. It was so much fun!! Our crew was able to help out 25 different people in just 2 days!! It was so special to see the reaction of each of the people we helped. Their faces lit up with gratitude and love for us each and every time!!!
My favorite experience from this weekend was when we pulled up to this one house and found an older man hacking away at a MASSIVE tree with his little chainsaw. He had been working on it for quite a while, so when we showed up he was a little caught offguard and confused. He stopped and asked, "Can I help you??" We then responded, "Nah. The real question is, can WE help YOU?!" We then proceeded to absolutely CRANK out a 30 foot tree right in front of his face! I was filled with such joy and happiness as I saw this man take a step back, smile, and become filled with gratitude for us. That moment was one of the happiest moments of my life! I can testify that serving others truly brings us so much happiness! I invite each and every one of you to perform an act of service this week and experience the joy that comes from it!!!

I love y'all and hope you have a wonderful, blessed week!
Love, Elder Moffat
Pics:- The CREW- Before pic of the MASSIVE tree- 30 minutes after our crew showed up- Another tree we moved- The brand new gloves after 1 DAY of work (I was so exhausted in this pic hah)- We think this could be a sweet album cover pic. Let me know what y'all think haha


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