September 28, 2020


Iverness, AL, USA


Duncan Hickman

Taco Bell and the ER

Olá amigos e família!!!
Before you read any further, I feel inclined to let y'all know that there is NO correlation between the Taco Bell and the ER! Just wanted to give y'all the heads up so you wouldn't be disappointed hahaha.
Anyways, this week has been pretty wild! To start it off, the majority of our mission is still helping out with the hurricane cleanup down south. My companions and I want to go help out sooo bad, so you can imagine how bummed we were when they asked every single zone south of us to come help out. However, we still had PLENTY of stuff to do in Birmingham so it all worked out!
A pretty cool experience we had this week happened as we were on our way to lunch (a feel like a lot of the miracles I've emailed about have happened during our lunch time haha). We couldn't decide where we wanted to go, so we were kinda just driving and waiting for someone to decide. Then, this is where the crazy thing happened. I all the sudden started craving Taco Bell SO BADLY! This was definitely not normal, but I told my companions that we needed to go to Taco Bell. They looked at me kinda confused, but said ok. Then, we got in the drive thru line and one of my companions told us that we should walk in and order inside. We both looked at him kinda confused, because the drive thru line was pretty short, but we said ok and walked inside. Once we got inside, we struck up a conversation with the cashier there and she started asking us all these questions about the Church and missionaries. She told us that her Mom had taken the missionary discussions and that the missionaries were some of the BEST guys she had ever met! She then told us that she would love to have us over!!! This was such a neat miracle because I know that this Taco Bell craving and urge to order inside, were little promptings that the Spirit gave me and my companions. The Spirit works in so many different ways and it has been so special for me to experience its influence throughout the mission so far. Take extra time this week to reflect on how you feel and see the Spirit in your life this week, especially with General Conference coming up!!!
Also, throughout this week, one of my companions, Elder Brown, started having some serious heart problems. It actually got so bad that one night we had to rush him to the Emergency Room and didn't get back home until after midnight. It's been really tough to watch him go through these health difficulties, when all he wants to do is serve the Lord. We've been praying for him as a companionship and as a zone, and we've already seen some many little miracles because of those prayers. It would really mean a lot to me if each of you included Elder Brown in your prayers this week!
I love y'all so much! I can feel the love and support from your prayers so often and I am so thankful for that! Have a blessed week and get HYPED for General Conference this weekend!!!
Love, Elder Moffat
Pics:- The TRIO with a DELICIOUS Barbecue restaurant we went to this week- We built a shed for an elderly woman!- I can't remember what this dude's name is - Heavy duty TRIO


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